'Glee' Final Season Promo: Rachel Vows the Club Will Return

Glee Chris Colfer Lea Michele - H 2014

Glee Chris Colfer Lea Michele - H 2014

Rachel and Kurt have a huge mission in Glee's final season: To revive the now-defunct glee club.

That's how the first teaser for the Fox musical's final season begins: with the two friends back at McKinley High where they will (again!) go toe-to-toe with Sue (Jane Lynch). Naturally, she's not happy about Rachel's declaration, setting up what's likely to be the final fight with their longtime nemesis.

Also included in the short clip:

• Rachel (Lea Michele) taking on Frozen's "Let It Go"

• Blaine (Darren Criss) reunited with the Warblers — who appear to be overseen by a mystery woman

• Santana (Naya Rivera) and Brittany (Heather Morris) dancing with the Cheerios

• A fiery homecoming celebration with the football team

• An epic group hug with the New Directions originals

• Mr. Schue (Matthew Morrison) seemingly welcoming Rachel to a staff position at McKinley

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Glee's final season begins Jan. 9 on Fox with back-to-back episodes — "Loser Like Me" and "Homecoming" — starting at 8 p.m. It moves to its regular slot on Fridays at 9 p.m. starting Jan. 16.

The series will air its final season over 11 weeks and conclude with a two-hour series finale on March 20. 

Co-creator Ryan Murphy told reporters in April that the final season would feature a time jump and focus more on the original castmembers, shifting the focus from its previous relocated home in New York.

"The final season is really its own story and its own location, and while the New York stuff will be alive, the final season is not New York-centric at all," Murphy said. "It really [will be] a lovely, fitting season that … dwells on the original people that were on the show and what happens to them and how they give back. That really is the last season. … We'll revisit some of the new kids that came and went. There's a return of the Jane-Matt characters in a big way. It's really interesting, a very sweet, satisfying ending to the story."

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