'Glee's' Lea Michele Compares Rachel and Finn's Breakup to 'Friends,' 'Felicity'

Glee Season 3 Finale Goodbye Lea Michele Train - H 2012
Adam Rose/FOX

Glee Season 3 Finale Goodbye Lea Michele Train - H 2012

Legions of Glee fans were left shocked and with tears in their eyes after the Fox musical's Season 3 finale when fan-favorite couple Finn and Rachel literally parted ways instead of getting married -- including star Lea Michele

The actress who plays diva-in-training Rachel Berry on the dramedy tells The Hollywood Reporter that she was initially stunned when she learned that the couple would part ways and called Glee co-creator Ryan Murphy immediately.

"I was like, 'What are you doing! He wouldn't do that to her!' " Michele says of her now former on-screen fiancé. "I was so upset, I was mad at Finn, I was mad at Ryan. I was like, 'This can't be happening, we've worked so hard to keep them together.' "

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In Glee's final scene of Season 3, Finn (Cory Monteith) shocks Rachel when instead of taking her to the church for their rescheduled wedding, he instead delivers her to the train station, where her New Directions family is there to see her off to attend NYADA. The tearful moment came after both Finn and her BFF, Kurt (Chris Colfer), were denied entrance into the Actors' Studio and NYADA, respectively, thus dashing their hopes for the trio to head to the East Coast together and after Rachel decided to defer her admission for a year to help the guys achieve their dreams and reapply.  

Despite their on-again, off-again romance over the show's first three seasons, Michele says Rachel and Finn's breakup made more sense after she filmed the scene and is in line with some of the more recent TV love stories. "He loves her so much that he has to do what's best for her," she says. "It was so heartbreaking but from knowing Finn, it's really what he would do: he wouldn't let her hold herself back from her dreams."

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"You know how television shows are when you think about these characters -- [Friends'] Ross and Rachel, [Felicity's] Ben and Felicity -- they pull them together and pull them apart, it's what makes it exciting but also realistic because they're young and as much as I think that they love each other, this is what happens in young relationships," she notes.

As for whether Finnchel fans should count the couple out after Finn announced that he's heading to Fort Benning, Georgia, after enlisting in the Army, Michele is excited to do something different and teased that anything can happen. "I think anything is possible; I think it's exciting to see them apart, but you never know with Glee," she says.

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"It's very rare on television that you get to take a character in the middle of shooting a series to a new place, a new location and see what she's like someplace else," she adds. "I'll be back for every single episode and I know that I'll be working with Kate Hudson mainly for the first six episodes and I'm excited for that."

Hit the comments with your thoughts on what you'd like to see for the former couple next season. Glee Season 4 returns to Fox on Thursdays in the fall.

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