'The Glee Project': Who the Final Contenders Could Play on 'Glee'

Halfway through the Oxygen reality competition's second season, THR rates the remaining nine contestants with five weeks to go.
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Oxygen's The Glee Project hit its halfway mark Tuesday with nine contestants remaining and five weeks left in their bid to win a seven-episode arc on Fox's Glee.

Since co-creator Ryan Murphy is inspired by the personalities (and abilities) of each contestant in the character the Glee writers ultimately create, The Hollywood Reporter has some suggestions on who the remaining contenders could play on the Fox series. Oh, and we ranked them in order of who we think is least to most likely to win, too.

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9. Lily Mae
How she's doing: Openly expressing how much she didn't like the "Adaptability" theme wasn't the best thing she could have done for herself this week. Her sense of entitlement is only second to the recently ousted Mario.
Who she'd play: Puck 2.0, an entitled fifth-year senior still roaming the halls of McKinley and desperately trying to graduate who joins New Directions for the credits.

8. Michael
How he's doing: We've found a good outlet for Michael's frustrations with his performance after Week 4's studio disaster: angry Alanis Morissette rock anthems!
Who he'd play: One of Finn's new Army boot camp buddies who enlisted after breaking up with his girlfriend.

7. Ali
How she's doing: Happily (you don't say!) delivered a horrible duet with Abraham on Katy Perry's "Friday Night," it was her upbeat personality though that ultimately spared her.
Who she'd play: Sue Sylvester's worst nightmare: someone who's (annoyingly) always happy.  

6. Abraham
How he's doing: He survived what was the worst performance on Season 2-to-date and Ryan Murphy still called him "riveting."
Who he'd play: Mike's new roommate at the Joffrey Ballet in Chicago.

5. Charlie
How he's doing: The guy with personality for days doesn't always think things through but he's the biggest risk-taker on the show -- though that hasn't always worked out well.
Who he'd play: Brittany's after-school tutor with a crush on his new charity case. 

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4. Blake
How he's doing: Really got into character and rose to the occasion -- and remembered to smile! -- opposite a powerhouse voice like Nellie's. Holding ground during a stirring duet with her moved him to the top of the otherwise bland boys.
Who he'd play: The newest member of Glee's The Justin Bieber Experience.

3. Alyin
How she's doing: Flirty and thriving, she won this week's "Adaptability" assignment -- the toughest challenge of all two seasons of The Glee Project.
Who she'd play: An aspiring singer Mercedes meets in L.A.

2. Shanna
How she's doing: Still going strong and even when she botched the words to Morissette's "You Oughta Know," sang right through it without missing a note. Very smart.
Who she'd play: Shy new junior year transfer student at McKinley that Artie takes under his wing.

1. Nellie
How she's doing: Her performance with Blake on Foreigner's "Waiting for a Girl Like You" was Glee worthy. After only five weeks in the competition.
Who she'd play: A New York lesbian that Santana meets around town after she moves to the East Coast.

Who's your front-runner? Hit the comments with your thoughts. The Glee Project airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on Oxygen.

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