'Glee' Recap: Who Won Prom Queen -- and Why It Matters

Votes for Cutest Couple?

Is it too soon to vote for Rachel (Lea Michele) and Finn (Cory Monteith) as the prom's best dressed -- and cutest couple?

[Warning: This story contains spoilers from Tuesday's Glee.]

McKinley High's senior prom had more meaning than just a typical high school dance for two New Directions members during Tuesday's Glee.

While Finn (Cory Monteith) and Rick "The Stick" Nelson faced off with senior class president Brittany for prom king, it was the race and surprising outcome for prom queen that moved both Rachel (Lea Michele) and Quinn's (Dianna Agron) characters forward in a big way.

Competing against Santana and a random student we've only just met in Missy, Quinn wants to take home the prom queen tiara by any means necessary -- including campaigning with her ex-boyfriend, Finn.

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At first, Rachel isn't worried that she isn't nominated but once she sees Quinn and Finn's shared campaign posters encouraging their peers to vote for the former couple, her jealousy (circa Season 1) of Quinn comes roaring back. To cope with her bombed NYADA audition and drown her sorrows -- and avoid having to see Finn and Quinn together -- she quickly organizes an anti-prom, that as expected, is a total dud.

Meanwhile, Joe (Samuel Larsen) continues to accompany Quinn to her physical therapy where she has been making amazing progress and is slowing starting to walk on her own. For his part, Joe is over the moon with her progress and wants to share the news with everyone, including New Directions, but Quinn rejects the notion and instead uses her wheelchair status in a shady ploy to earn everyone's sympathies -- and votes for prom queen, which Finn later sees first-hand and calls her out on.

As the big prom announcement nears, Finn finds Quinn standing and realizes that she's been lying to everyone yells at her that he let Rachel down to be there for Quinn when she didn't even need him and blasts her for being the same selfish Quinn he's always known. "All that matters to you is you," he screams.

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Despite agreeing to stay so that Quinn can have her moment -- and reveal to everyone that she can walk again after she wins the crown -- Finn can't do it and leaves after confronting Joe, whom he assumes knew of Quinn's regained ability to walk.

When Finn returns to the prom with Rachel, Blaine and Kurt, Rachel apologizes to Quinn for her jealousy and in an emotional scene reminds her former enemy how much she's grown and become a humbled and inspiring woman. "I voted for you for prom queen because you deserve it," Rachel tells her.

As Quinn and Santana count the votes, Quinn realizes that she edged out the snarky Cheerio by one vote and, along with Finn, will be crowned during the dinosaur-themed event but something doesn't sit right with her. "It's everything I've ever wanted and I don't feel any different," she says after Santana reveals that without Brittany as her king, she doesn't care to be queen.  

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In a shocker at the end, Rachel becomes the write-in candidate and prom queen, witih Finn as her king. Shocked, the two share a dance where Rachel things the whole thing is a Carrie-like joke as she can't believe that her classmates think of her in such a positive fashion. After receiving some amazing feedback from Finn, Rachel pulls it all together and gets the potential recharging she needs to make a series run at getting into NYADA after her botched audition. "If my friends see me this way, then anything is possible," she says.

As the two share their dance, Santana and Quinn cover Berlin's "Take My Breath Away," during which time Quinn slowly stands up from her chair and alongside Santana to perform the song, for what Puck says is a "prom miracle."

The progress for Quinn marks a definitive choice between two personalities for the character, who has struggled after starting the year as a pink-haired smoking outcast who later attempted to win back her daughter, Beth, from her adoptive mother, Shelby.

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Now that she's back on her feet, let's hope Quinn continues on her up-and-up journey to Yale.

Do you think Quinn will continue on aher positive path and shed her selfish and manipulative ways for good? Hit the comments.

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