'Glee' Recap: Whose Future(s) Are in Jeopardy?


Rachel covers Kelly Clarkson's "Cry" during the May 1 "Choke" episode.

[Warning: This story contains spoilers from Tuesday's "Choke" episode of Glee.]

Glee may have eliminated one potential idea for its fourth season Tuesday when Rachel and Kurt's auditions for the New York school of their dreams didn't go as planned for both graduating seniors, while Puck received some disconcerting news of his own.

After botching her audition for NYADA's imposing dean Carmen (Whoopi Goldberg), Rachel's East Coast dreams were shattered, thus potentially nixing her plan to inch closer to Broadway with Kurt, whose bold performance of "The Boy Next Door" from The Boy From Oz wowed the intimidating gatekeeper and likely cemented his future there.

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Preparing for the moment her entire life, Rachel (Lea Michele) confidently began covering Barbra Streisand's "Don't Rain on My Parade" but her nerves finally caught up with her at the worst time possible when she choked on stage -- not once but twice. Slowly confessing that her chances of being accepted were gone, she eventually tells Kurt (Chris Colfer) in a heartbreaking scene that he and Finn (Cory Monteith) are "going to be great in New York together." Despite witnessing her horrible audition, Kurt suggests Rachel still come to New York, but she cuts him off and refuses to talk about the prospects for her future. 

Does Rachel's botched performance nix the theory that Glee could potentially feature Rachel and Kurt on the East Coast in its newly announced fourth season in a show-within-a-show fashion? For his part, Kurt -- at least for the time being -- still appears headed for the Big Apple after his decision to go big and bold and ditch his planned Phantom performance went over well. Would Kurt still follow through with NYADA and make the trip without his Broadway BFF?

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In addition, Rachel's forgettable audition also puts into question her future with Finn (Cory Monteith), who after months (and likely years) of indecision, recently decided to not only go to New York with his bride-to-be but to also study acting at the Actors Studio. Would he still go now that Rachel appears to have given up on heading east? 

The glee diva, it turns out, wasn't the only senior at McKinley whose future took a turn for the worse during "Choke." Despite a last-ditch attempt to cram for a big geography exam with the help of his New Directions bros, Puck ultimately didn't have all the answers and failed to pass his test, putting his graduation status in jeopardy.

Elsewhere, During Tuesday's "Choke" hour, Coach Beiste (Dot Marie Jones) made a dangerous decision about her personal life when she returned home to Cooter (Eric Bruskotter) after confessing that she was a victim of spousal abuse. Despite the support from Sue -- who opened up her home to the football coach -- as well as Tina, Brittany, Santana, Mercedes and Sugar, Beiste made the decision to go back not only out of love but mostly out of her own insecurity that she would never find anyone else who loved her.

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What do you think Rachel will do now that it appears as if NYADA is a no-go? Do you think Puck will pull it together somehow and make it into his cap and gown seen here? What did you think of Coach Beiste's decision? What do you think Season 4 will look like now that the East Coast appears less likely? Hit the comments!

Glee airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on Fox.

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