'Glee' Recap: 8 Shockers and Scene-Stealers From 'Heart'

Meet the Berrys

Jeff Goldblum and Brian Stokes Mitchell guest star in the Valentine's Day episdoe, "Heart," as Rachel's gay dads.

[Warning: This story contains spoilers from Tuesday's "Heart" episode.]

It was a night for couples on Tuesday's Glee as Rachel and Finn broke news of their engagement to New Directions, Sugar staged a couples' dance and Kurt had a secret admirer as the Fox series celebrated Valentine's Day.

Elsewhere during "Heart," The Glee Project's Samuel Larsen arrived as part of McKinley's reformed God Squad and Amber Riley's Mercedes covered Dolly Parton/Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You" in an episode that was dedicated to the late pop singer. Here are eight shockers and scene-stealers from the hour.

1. Meet McKinley's God Squad -- again. In a nod to the show's freshman season, Mercedes and Sam welcome Quinn back to the school's club for Catholics, where they welcome their newest member, Joseph Hart (Larsen). "He's like a teen Jesus," Quinn says when learning that sophomore Joe's tattoos are Bible verses. Scene-stealer: Quinn, hands down.

2. Brittany and Santana share their first (and many more) on-screen kiss. But there's trouble when the couple is called into Principal Figgins' office when someone complains about their PDA. Scene-stealer: Santana as the outspoken Cheerio stands up for her right to kiss her girlfriend. "All I want to be able to do is kiss my girlfriend but no one can see that because there's such an insane double standard at this school," she says. Preach.

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3. Sugar picks Rory over Artie. After being showered with gifts -- a puppy! -- and song, Sugar winds up feeling more sorry for a homesick Rory and picks him for her date to her Valentine's Day couples' dance. Scene-stealer: All three of them. If wooing a girl meant getting solos from both Kevin McHale (Nat King Cole's "L-O-V-E") and Damian McGinty (Michael Bublé's "Home"), a prolonged courtship is a must. 

4. Kurt has a secret admirer -- and it's Karofsky (Max Adler)! After being surprised all day with gifts and a gorilla-gram, Karofsky shows up (in costume, naturally) and professes his love to Kurt. "I hated myself last year and I took it out on you," he says as he takes Kurt's hand. A flattered Kurt lets him down easy as the still-closeted Karofsky spies one of his new classmates and bails. Scene-stealer: Karofsky. Sure, he hasn't completely come out yet, but it's a unique experience for everyone and Karofsky just took a really big step.

5. Rachel and Finn are getting married very soon and not everyone is happy about it. When the newly engaged couple breaks the news to New Directions, Quinn and Kurt object and are uninvited to wedding. Scene-stealer: Puck, whose first reaction is to ask when the baby is due. Zing!

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6. Mercedes makes her decision between Shane and Sam -- and picks herself. The heartbreaking scene in which Riley covers Parton/Houston's "I Will Always Love You" was among the best the show has featured in its three seasons, with the coincidental timing coming just days after the pop icon died upping its drama. The performance didn't leave a dry eye in the house for Shane, Sam or Mercedes -- and for viewers. Scene-stealer: Riley. The episode also featured a title card coming at the end of the hour that read: "Whitney Houston 1963-2012. We will always love you." A fitting touch.

7. The Berrys and Hummel-Hudson's plan to convince Finn and Rachel that they're not ready for marriage backfires. Originally planned as a way to break bread and celebrate their engagement, Hiram (Jeff Goldblum) and LeRoy (Brian Stokes Mitchell) attempt to use reverse psychology and give the couple an early look at what marriage would be like when they host a dinner-turned-Finn sleepover for the duo. After a brief fight, the couple realizes that they can get through any obstacle and announce plans to wed in May after Nationals. It's the first hint Glee has dropped about how the series plans to keep graduating seniors Rachel and Finn around for Season 4. Scene-stealer: LeRoy and Hiram with one-liners about Tony Danza, Nate Berkus and so many more.

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8. After an hour in which it appeared that Santana and Brittany might have a bigger problem on their hands with Joe Hart, the God Squad debates whether or not to make good on Santana's musical Valentine to her girlfriend. After Joe confesses he doesn't know any gay people, Quinn, Sam and Mercedes all present solid arguments as to why they shouldn't treat the couple any differently than anyone else. Ultimately, Joe decides that "love is love," and the group sings a mash-up of Madonna/The Association's "Cherish." Scene-stealer: Sam, who says: "Well, three of us are in glee club, so we basically sing to gay people all of the time."

Which couple was your scene-stealer? What did you think about Karofsky's confession?

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