'Glee' Recap: 9 Shockers and Scene-Stealers From Regionals

In the shocking episode, New Directions and the Warblers put their differences aside in Tuesday's winter finale "On My Way."
"Glee's" Lea Michele

[Warning: This story contains spoilers from Tuesday's "On My Way" episode.]

The Warblers and New Directions received a lesson in tolerance and equality during Tuesday's Glee winter finale when after Dave Karofsky (Max Adler) is outed and attempts suicide after facing anti-gay bullying.

The news hits both New Directions and the Warblers hard as the rival glee clubs decide to put their differences aside and support one another in the wake of their friend and former classmate's attempted hanging. Here are nine shockers and scene-stealers from the episode, titled "On My Way."

1. Karofsky attempts suicide. After Nick, a football teammate at his new school, spies Karofsky professing his love for Kurt at Breadstix on Valentine's Day, he spray paints an anti-gay slur on Dave's locker. In a heartbreaking scene, set to Blaine's cover of Young The Giant's "Cough Syrup," Karofsky learns he's been outed and is confronted and bullied by his teammates, who threaten and shove him into a row of lockers. Retreating home, he learns the torment doesn't end there as he's also become a victim of cyber bullying with scores of anti-gay messages written on his Facebook page. The devastated reformed bully then puts on his best suit and, with tears streaming down his cheek, attempts to take his own life. Scene-stealer: Max Adler. His performance leaves you reeling -- and speechless. Especially the scene in which his father finds him.

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2. Karofsky's suicide attempt drastically impacts New Directions -- and the Warblers. With bad blood still in the air after Sebastian's spiked slushee injured Blaine, the clubs put their differences aside as they head into battle at Regionals. After a flashback of Sebastian brutally tearing Karofsky down as the newly out jock hit on him at a local gay bar, the Dalton Academy group says they'll collect donations for Lady Gaga's Born This Way anti-bullying charity during their performance at the competition. It's a nice shout-out to an organization that helps LGBT youth. Scene-stealer: Sebastian, who shows he can be more than bad.

3. Will reveals he pondered suicide during his junior year of high school. In a scene designed to help the glee club members cope with news of Karofsky's attempted suicide, Mr. Schue asks the club to think of one big thing they're all looking forward to. The club then proceeds to list personal and political events including marriage equality in all 50 states. Scene-stealer: Sugar, whose "big thing" is seeing Sex and the City 3 -- a nice touch of humor amid very heavy scene.

4. Kurt visits Karofsky in the hospital and encourages him to look to the future. After being taken off 72-hour watch, Karofsky tells Kurt that his best friend has abandoned him and his mother thinks he has a disease that "can be cured." Kurt then uses Mr. Schue's advice and guides his former bully through a promising future that includes a loving partner, son and successful career. Scene-stealer: Both. While Kurt can come off as preachy sometimes, using Will's advice was a nice touch.

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5. New Directions wins Regionals. New Directions covers Nicki Minaj/R. Kelly's "Fly"/"I Believe I Can Fly," the Troubletones return for Kelly Clarkson's "What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger)" and Rachel knocks Halestorm's "Here's To Us" out of the park. Scene-stealer: Rachel. Did you catch that high note? Plus her cute exchange with Finn was super sweet knowing what would be coming next.

6. Finn and Rachel want to get married … now. The lovebirds are inspired to live every day to its fullest and want to move the wedding from May to the Saturday after Regionals and even naysayers like Quinn and Kurt are inspired to attend.

7. Sue is pregnant -- and moved by New Directions. While the father of Sue's baby is unknown, one thing is certain: she's an entirely different person. Touched after seeing New Directions' performance, she welcomes Quinn's return to the cheerleading squad (after squashing the bid earlier in the hour) and wants to help the glee club win at Nationals. The best part? There's (allegedly) no catch. Scene-stealer: That's a dynamic duo to root for.

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8. A reinvigorated Quinn, now safely back among the Cheerios, is on the road and running late for Rachel and Finn's wedding after stopping at home to pick up her bridesmaid dress. With pressure mounting from Finn and Rachel's parents -- who still object to the teens' union -- Rachel sends Quinn a text to hurry. One quick glance at her phone later, and Quinn's car is broadsided by a truck in a cliffhanger that will tease viewers until the series returns in April. Will the Yale-bound McKinley student survive? Did Rachel and Finn tie the knot? Scene-stealer: None. More than a month between episodes? No bueno.

9. The Trevor Project airs a PSA during the episode. Ahead of New Directions taking the stage at Regionals, the first commercial out of Glee was a public service announcement featuring Harry Potter's Daniel Radcliffe speaking on behalf of the Trevor Project. It was a fitting message coming during such a powerful episode.

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