'Glee' Recap: Makeovers, Moving On and Sarah Jessica Parker (Video)

In the third episode of the Fox musical's fourth season Kurt lands an internship at Vogue.com, while Will, Blaine and Rachel all face major life decisions.
"Glee's" Chris Colfer and Sarah Jessica Parker

[Warning: This story contains spoilers from Thursday's "Makeover" episode of Glee.]

Glee's fourth-season makeover continued Thursday, with Sex and the City's Sarah Jessica Parker joining the Fox musical for a multiple-episode arc as Kurt's (Chris Colfer) new boss at Vogue.com as Kurt, Rachel, Will, Blaine, Brittany and Sam all faced new challenges.

After Brittany struggled with her identity after being booted from the Cheerios in last week's "Britney 2.0" episode, she and Sam both received makeovers as Artie and Blaine looked to boost their chances of winning the student body election as they tried (unsuccessfully) to "smart up" their respective running mates.

Blaine -- who in a bid to fill all the free time that he'd normally be spending with Kurt, experiences the same relationship growing pains that Brittany did with Santana, as it's now his turn to (sadly) learn that Kurt has become too busy and preoccupied by his new life in New York.

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After Blaine and running mate/impressionist/sexy stripper Sam win the election, Blaine phones Kurt with the news only to have his call rejected. Blaine realizes that he came to McKinley for one reason -- Kurt -- and confides in the ever dependable Sam that even with glee club, he feels alone and like none of his successes there matter.

Sam, who eventually rejects Blaine's suit and tie makeover, realizes that he's fine just as he is and isn't embarrassed about his stripper past and uses the debate stage to reveal his sexy six pack. The confident character becomes a source of support for Blaine -- telling him that what's more important than anything is that he's now McKinley's first openly gay student body president as well as his first gay "bro."

Following the loss, Brittany also leans on Sam for support as the two bond over her defeat. The duo continues to bond as she tells him that he always knows what to say. (Anyone else see chemistry here? Should Santana be worried?) Artie, meanwhile, learns the election was good for something as he's scored a date with Sugar.

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The McKinley kids aren't the only ones whose lives are getting a makeover as Will confesses he's tapped out of ideas for New Directions at Sectionals. "William, you had a dream and you achieved it -- now move on," Sue tells him. After learning that there's a blue ribbon panel to improve arts education around the country, Emma tells Will that he has to take his own advice and follow his dreams and that their wedding can wait. He turns in the application, which should he land the position, would take him away from McKinley -- and theoretically Emma -- for months.

Kurt's makeover, meanwhile, sees him successfully land an internship at Vogue.com where he immediately makes a grand impression on both Parker's Isabelle Wright as well as Vogue's head honcho Anna Wintour. Turns out the music video Kurt made documenting Rachel's New York makeover earned him big points and a promotion to the floundering Isabelle's fashion team. 

Rachel, fresh off her Vogue-expensed makeover, begins to walk a bit taller at NYADA and reflect a newfound confidence now that as she says, her inside is catching up with her revitalized outside. Brody, meanwhile, disagrees and says it's really the outside that's caught up with the inside. As the duo grows closer, Rachel asks him over for dinner and just as they give in to the growing chemistry between them with a steamy smooch, they're interrupted by a knock on the door. Expecting to find Kurt without his keys, Rachel instead is stunned to find the MIA Finn on the other side before the credits roll. 

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What did you think of Rachel and Brody's lip locking? How do you think Finn will respond to seeing her with Brody? Is there hope for Kurt and Blaine? How will New Directions -- and Emma -- fare if Will gets the job? Are Brittany and Sam more than friends? Hit the comments with your thoughts. Glee airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on Fox. Watch a promo for next week's "Break-Up" episode, below.

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