'Glee' Recap: Did New Directions Win Nationals?

Glee Nationals Matthew Morrison Jane Lynch Jayma Mays - H 2012

Glee Nationals Matthew Morrison Jane Lynch Jayma Mays - H 2012

Glee aired back-to-back episodes as it nears the end of its third season.

The first hour of Glee featured some body swapping, with Tina as Rachel, Kurt as Finn, Rachel as Tina, Blaine as Puck, etc., all due to a crazy dream Tina had. The second half was all about bringing down Vocal Adrenaline.

When the time for Nationals came, the McKinley High students were all down to business. Lindsay Lohan (“America’s sweetheart,” pro-New Directions) and Perez Hilton (“gossip legend,” pro-Vocal Adrenaline) served as two of the judges at this year’s Nationals competition, which kicked off with Mercedes, Tina, Santana and Quinn singing a cover of Lady Gaga’s “Edge of Glory” followed by Rachel’s rendition of Celine Dion’s ballad “It’s All Coming Back to Me Now.”

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Whew, NYADA’s Carmen (Whoopi Goldberg) just happened to make it in time to catch Rachel’s “audition.”  It’s Jesse St. James’ (Jonathan Groff) rousing support for Rachel that keeps her name in contention for NYADA.

So did they knock off Vocal Adrenaline off its “dynasty” pedestal?

Indeed they did. The 2012 show choir champions: New Directions!

And when they returned to McKinley, it was cakes, confetti, champagne, kisses and a cover of Grouplove’s buzzy song “Tongue Tied” providing the soundtrack to the montage.

Another takeaway: What a big trophy.

That’s not all. McKinley names its Teacher of the Year, giving the honor to glee club master Will Schuester.

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Here are where some of the big storylines left off by the end of the night:

Puck: After dressing up in drag in an effort for New Directions to get a leg up over Nationals’ main competition Vocal Adrenaline, a flunking Puck gets thrown into the dumpster by a group of sports jocks before he pulls out a rubber knife (from a West Side Story production, he says) that nearly gets him into a whole heap of trouble. But Coach Bieste helps him out, giving him a chance to retake a test he needed to ace in order to graduate high school.

Coach Bieste: After Mercedes, Brittany and Santana go to Bieste asking why she’s still with her abusive husband, the sports coach takes a good look at the harsh reality of her life: That she’s stuck in a bad relationship and must get out. The kicker comes from Puck, who nearly finds himself expelled, who pushes Bieste to the edge.

Will & Emma: Will and Emma finally take the plunge in the bedroom after the Nationals victory.

Tina: Normally relegated to the sidelines with no real storylines, this wasn't the case for the first episode of the night. It was a dream Tina had that featured the glee club members taking on the roles of other people in the group -- and prompted Tina to help Rachel out in her quest to redeem her horrible NYADA audition. It's then she realizes that being a supporting player is well, more than just filling in the holes: Pay your dues and one day you just may be a star like Rachel.

Next week's finale is all about graduation: Who will say goodbye, who will stick around and what does this mean for glee club in season four?

Weigh in on tonight’s two-hour episode below.