'Glee' Recap: 11 Shockers and Scene-Stealers From 'Yes/No'

Glee Couples Split - P 2012

Glee Couples Split - P 2012

Glee returned from its winter hiatus in major style Tuesday with an episode that featured an Oscar winner, a Real Housewives of Atlanta star and big news for three couples at McKinley High.

Here are 11 shockers and scene-stealers from Tuesday's "Yes/No" episode. Bring Kleenex!

[Warning: This post contains spoilers from Tuesday's episode of Glee.]

1. Sam and Mercedes reveal details of their (intimate?) summer fling as they perform a scene-by-scene re-enactment of Grease's "Summer Lovin'." The scene-stealer? Santana, who with shades and a kick perfectly encapsulated Rizzo.

2. Helen Mirren is Becky's internal editor — and better than anything we could have imagined. Why does Becky sound like the Queen of England? Because she can sound like anybody she wants, of course. Her inner monologue is perfect as she confidently strolls down the McKinley halls shopping for a date, discounting the overly cheery Rory and Puck due to his squirrelly Mohawk before setting her sights on Artie.

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3. The Beiste is married! Encouraged to be more upfront with her feelings, the football coach says she and Cooter decided to get married on a whim one night at Taco Bell after she told the recruiter that he was her soulmate. The scene-stealer? Sue, who congratulates her by calling her "Michael Chiklis in a wig."

4. Concerned Will won't ever ask her to tie the knot, Emma sings "Wedding Bell Blues," with Sue and Beiste singing backup. The scene-stealer? While Jayma Mays' performance was great, it's Sue's wardrobe that wins this prize when she sports the infamous hat from the royal wedding in one frame.

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5. Coach Roz (NeNe Leakes) is fierce. When Sam joins the synchronized swim team in a bid to earn a letterman jacket to woo Mercedes back, he meets yet another wicked coach in Roz Washington, who takes jabs at his uneven nipples and says his lips are unlike anything she's seen on a white kid. Scene-stealer? Roz. Can't wait to see Roz vs. Sue.

6. The episode featured a number of great musical choices, but it's Artie's "Moves Like Jagger"/"Jumpin' Jack Flash" mashup that had us rushing to iTunes. More "Jagger," less "Flash," please. Scene-stealer: the entire song as well as the choreography performed by Will and Mike were mighty impressive.

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7. While shopping for a wedding ring for Emma, Will asks Finn to be his best man. Very fitting. But also, who are Will's adult friends, anyway? Guessing Burt, Figgins and Cooter will be groomsmen?

8. Finn's father wasn't a war hero. In one of Cory Monteith's best scenes yet, Finn learns that his father didn't die a war hero in Iraq. Instead, his mother reveals that he overdosed in Cincinnati after his drug problem landed him a dishonorable discharge. Guess Finn won't be joining the Army to follow in his father's footsteps after all.

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9. Santana, Rachel, Tina and Mercedes flash back to meeting their partners: Brittany, Finn, Mike and … Sam!? While the four sing Roberta Flack's "The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face," it's Trouty Mouth that Mercedes sees, not current boyfriend Shane.

10. Sam sells Will on just how he should propose to Emma: by literally taking the plunge in McKinley's pool. The epic scene — set to Rihanna's "We Found Love" — sees Will literally walk on water, dive in and pop the question to Emma. The scene-stealer? Sue, who is one of the people who hands Emma a white rose as she and Will make their way to the pool.

11. Excited about his future after listening to Rachel perform David Guetta's "Without You," Finn asks Rachel to marry him. "You chose to let me love you," he says. "If I can convince you to let me keep doing that, I'm going to be OK and everything is going to be OK. It's a promise to keep loving you for the rest of my life."

What were your "Yes/No" highlights? How do you think Rachel will respond to Finn's proposal? Hit the comments. Glee returns Jan. 31 with its Michael Jackson tribute episode. Watch Finn pop the question and a preview for the tribute episode below.

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