'Glee': Sue and Will Give New Directions Something to Fight Over (Exclusive Video)

Only Sue Sylvester could get New Directions to do something they hate.

Noting that he feels as if he's out of ideas, Will (Matthew Morrison) turns to his former rival for inspiration and finds not only a barrage of insults -- "you've been out of ideas since Madonna Week" -- Sue (Jane Lynch) suggests the McKinley group take on the "soundtrack that defined a generation": Saturday Night Fever.

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But there's just one problem: Everyone -- sans for Will and Sue, of course -- hates disco.

In a clip exclusive to The Hollywood Reporter from Tuesday's "Saturday Night Glee-ver" episode, Sue suggests that Will bribe New Directions to perform songs from the Bee Gees' iconic soundtrack.

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Pointing out that the glee club loooooves swag, Will flashes back to Bryan Ryan's (Neil Patrick Harris) time at McKinley when he attempted to bribe the club with bedazzled denim.

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Check out the clip above and hit the comments with your thoughts on what Will and Sue could potentially bribe the disco-haters with to get them to take on songs like "Disco Inferno" and sport some polyester.

Glee airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on Fox.

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