'Glee' Season 3 Premiere Sparks Internet Frenzy

The Fox series becomes a hot topic online, with fans going wild over its return and others expressing their disgust over the show.

Glee's back, and the Gleeks couldn't be more excited.

While the Fox show's season three premiere was airing on the East Coast, so many viewers were talking about the show on Twitter that four of the site's top 10 trending topics at one point were Glee-related: #gleek, Kurt and Rachel, Sue Sylvester and Warblers.

In the episode, Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) is running for Congress, Blaine (Darren Criss) transfers to McKinley High joining boyfriend Kurt (Chris Colfer), Quinn (Dianna Agron) unveils a new look, Mr. Schuester (Matthew Morrison) "glitter blombs" Sue during cheerleader tryouts, Santana (Naya Rivera) is kicked out of the glee club after being blamed for setting a purple piano on fire and Glee Project finalist Lindsay Pearce makes her debut on the show.

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While the die-hard fans were effusive in their praise of the show, there were some naysayers who took the opportunity to criticize the hit series.

Among those who enjoyed the episode:

Uhm @DarrenCriss just stole the whole show... Kurt and Blaine are too cute to function.

Michael Frissore
Kurt and Rachel. Kurt and Blaine. All four of them should be beaten with a microphone stand.

That first Kurt and Blaine scene was magnificent! Chris & Darren are amazing together in their conversation scenes. The flow is so natural

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Annie Clark
Loved the season premiere of Glee tonight. Lindsay from The Glee Project was great! ... Also loved Rachel's [Lea Michele] clothes in this episode. #gleek

Kirsty Brewin
wow too much excitement don't think ill be able to sleep! #gleek clothes in this episode. 

i have a slight feeling my friends are going to be annoyed with my rambling on about tonights episode tomorrow ;) 

#Glee3Season Absolutely amazing. The music, Rachel and Kurt, the dancing, Kurt and Blaine, just everything. &Darren's bowties and glasses!<3

Alison Nadaud
Kurt and Rachel gave the rest of the characters something to live up to for duets this season! 

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Kurt and Rachel is trending!! They are so freaking adorable!! @msleamichele you were OUTSTANDING on this episode.. the best as always!!!

Marina Ho
Kurt and Rachel compliment one another so nicely.. It's actually quite amazing.

Kurt/Rachel friendship is my new favourite and Chris and Darren's chemistry is amazing, so much flirty!Klaine <3

Shannon Rae
I am not ashamed to admit the amount of fangirl squealing that happened at my house during Glee. We're so cool.

I just watched glee season 3 episode 1 and omg how can I explain how much I love Jayma [Mays]?! :)))

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Still, there were some who aren't fans of the show or just the episode in particular:

Michael Frissore
Kurt and Rachel. Kurt and Blaine. All four of them should be beaten with a microphone stand.

Katie Hatch
Still a #gleek ... but that was a disappointing start. I for one love showtunes but I'm afraid we are a dying breed.

Lovatic Smiler
Ew glee is on

Dr. Spencer Reid
Glee was alright, but it felt like it was missing something for being the season premiere.

Ryan Smith
I see #gleek has taken on a new, horrible meaning. When I was coming up it was a skillful method of spitting. I could do it.

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Kevin Rogers
Wow 18 minutes into #glee before the first song. Someone got the memo.

Brittany Orlando
Even though I love glee 3x01,this ep was severely lacking Brittany [Heather Morris]. I hope subsequent eps focus on it a lot,like S2,& the sooner the better.

Kali Ponzo
i used to have so much respect for matthew morrison. and then glee happened.

Dianna Dames
So I heard Glee was terrible tonight. Glad everyone is finally beginning to see the light of things #BuzzKillington #DouchebagTweet.


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