'Glee': Another Musical, 'Shocking' Rachel and Finn News and More Season 4 Spoilers

Wedding planning blues for Will and Emma; Blaine goes head to head with Brittany; and details on "The Glee Project" Season 2 winner Blake Jenner's arrival as well as more scoop from 15 of the Fox musical's stars.
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"Glee's" Lea Michele

After just one episode Glee's fourth season has set the stage for a number of new romances (Jake and Marley?) and reunions (Rachel and Finn? Jake and Puck?) in addition to some emotional departures (Tina and Mike, Blaine and Kurt).

While the season premiere answered several lingering questions -- how would the series reboot itself in Ohio and New York? Would the new cast members catch on? -- the Fox musical also introduced new scenarios: What's the dynamic between Brody and Cassandra? How will Brittany handle Santana's absence?

The Hollywood Reporter caught up with the cast at Glee's fourth season premiere party in Hollywood to get the scoop on what's next -- a new school musical, a busy Blaine, Quinn's return and more -- for the gang at McKinley and NYADA.

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Matthew Morrison (Will Schuester)
Will is facing a lot of changes this season, having to rebuild National champs New Directions all while adjusting to shacking up with his OCD fiancée, Emma (Jayma Mays). "When you achieve something, you go back the next year and it's kind of like, 'Alright, what now?' I think Will has lost a little bit of his fervor for the glee club," Morrison warns of the challenging path ahead for the talented gang. "Will needs to find a new passion. I'd love for him to try to tackle the arts on a national level." As for his relationship with Emma, Morrison warned that the couple will experience growing pains with all they have going on. "Wedding planning is going to get to them a little bit. I just don't think they're as prepared for living together as they thought they would be."

Lea Michele (Rachel Berry)
It's been more than two months since Finn sent Rachel off to NYADA and headed to Georgia for basic training as a member of the Army and Michele says new hunk Brody won't be the one who comes between them. "Rachel and Finn do their thing separately," she warns. "Whatever happens between Rachel and Finn happens on their own; nothing really is too heavily affected by Brody." Expect Brody to play the waiting game with the NYADA freshman and then something so exceptionally big that it left Michele nearly speechless. "What happens after that is shocking!" Michele warns.

Brody Weston (Dean Geyer)
Young ingénues (ahem, Rachel), be warned: Brody has a type -- and a history with Cassie (Kate Hudson) who seems to know all about his romantic past. "I definitely think he does have romantic interests in Rachel but at the same time, he respects her situation [with Finn]," Weston offers. "He plays it really well because he puts it out there and the ball is in her court. If anyone is to blame breaking Finn and Rachel up, it's Rachel because she's the one who's doing choosing."

Cassandra July (Kate Hudson)
Glee's new Queen of Mean has a back story that will be explained in Thursday's "Britney 2.0 hour. "She likes to drink," Hudson says with a laugh. "We get more into that, which is fun to play. But yeah, she's pretty hardened." Among those who seem to have already overcome their fear of Cassie: her former student, Brody. Asked if there's more going on there, Hudson was coy: "Well, wouldn't that be fun? If we were cable, but that's interesting!" Just us? 

Darren Criss (Blaine)
He decided it was time for Kurt to move on with his life and helped send him off to New York, so what's next for Blaine now that his boyfriend is in the Big Apple? Lots of new clubs! "Kurt being away really does change the way Blaine acts in the day-to-day basis," Criss explains. "He has new ambitions to fill his time now that he's not spending time with Kurt. He starts getting a little more ambitious with what he's going to be doing at McKinley for his senior year now that Kurt's not around anymore." First up: running for student body president against the incumbent Brittany (Heather Morris). "Blaine will be singing 'Everybody Wants to Rule the World,' the great Tears for Fears song which wraps up the student body election in a nice bow. He wants to rule the school and that's his song that articulates that."

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Heather Morris (Brittany)
The second-year senior takes center stage this week during Glee's second tribute to Britney Spears putting the focus on Brittany's struggles as the dingbat Cheerio who failed to graduate with a 0.0 GPA struggles to adjust to a McKinley without her girlfriend, Santana (Naya Rivera). "It's so much different than it was two years ago," Morris says of how the episodes compare. "Brittany is going to actually sit back and watch instead of being a little on the fence like she was before." In terms of what to expect, look for Brittany (for once) to outsmart everyone 

Chord Overstreet (Sam)
Look for Sam to have a "fairly big" role in the McKinley musical, Overstreet says, hinting that the meaty part could potentially be behind the scenes. "Artie's producing and I've become an onstage producer, I want to be the brains behind it, the financial guy; I'm budgeting the whole thing," he said with a laugh. In the more immediate future, look for Sam to help support the lonely Brittany. "They'll be some interesting stuff later on with that," he previews. In the meantime, for fans looking to see Sam rekindle his relationship with Quinn (Dianna Agron), she'll be back to Ohio soon, potentially episode seven or eight if not sooner. As for what's in store, the cryptic Overstreet teased anything goes. "She could be pregnant again, or maybe she dropped out of school, there's a very possible chance of everything. There could even be a love triangle, who knows!"

Jenna Ushkowitz (Tina) and Harry Shum Jr. (Mike)
With Mike Chang due back in episode five, Tina will experience a bit of remorse when her ex-boyfriend returns to McKinley to help Artie. "You see them reunite and it's definitely harder for her than she thought," Ushkowitz teases, noting Mike will have an easier time handling their reunion. "He just said, 'This is what happened, and I'm going to come back and do my thing, and we're going to be civil and see each other, and that's it.' His return may push her back again." Adds Shum: "A lot of times things end and they come back together or they end for good. I'm more interested to see what's going to happen in the future; it shakes it up a bit."

Vanessa Lengies (Sugar)
Look for Sugar to score a great and fitting part in the potential Grease musical that McKinley will stage in season four. "She gets the most appropriate part for her character: kind of a joker, kind of a little outrageous," Lengies says, noting she was thrilled when her character -- a terrible singer -- was asked to return. In the meantime, look for Sugar and Artie's romance to flare back up. "There's some sprinkle of Artie and Sugar coming back again," she says.

Jacob Artist (Jake Puckerman) and Mark Salling (Noah "Puck" Puckerman)
The younger Puckerman's attitude kept him out of New Directions, but with Will (Matthew Morrison) on the case, anything could happen as the second episode of the season will see how Jake responds. "That's definitely going to be an interesting turn of events for him," Artist says. "Deep down, he loves to perform and that's going to be a low blow for him. Episode two is him dealing with the repercussions of him not getting into the club." Salling, meanwhile, teases that Puck is out in L.A. with not one but two promising careers going. "He's got his pool cleaning service and he's taking male modeling gigs on the side," he says with a laugh. As for the eventual first meeting between the half-brothers, Salling previews Will won't be the only one who can help Jake. "[Their reunion] is going to be awkward, obviously, because they haven't known about each other but hopefully he'll learn from his older brother."

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Melissa Benoist (Marley)
If you're already on Team "Jarley", you're not alone. Artist says showrunner Ryan Murphy has already coined the couple's 'shipper name as the McKinley newbies "connect on a lot of levels." Benoist, whose Marley Rose was the lone new addition to join New Directions following the club's auditions, says her character -- who stands up for those who she holds dear including her mother, will attempt to help Jake with his anger issues as the two grow closer. "It'll be in due course," she says with a smile of their budding relationship. Whether that works out for her with bad-boy Jake, however, remains to be seen. Also on deck for the "Chasing Pavements" singer will be a closer look at her home life with her mother, who happens to be McKinley's new cafeteria lunch lady. "Her family life has been a struggle, and you'll definitely see how that's affected her we'll learn more about it," she says. Adds Artist: "There may potentially be some romance. McKinley is definitely a tough place to have a relationship."

Becca Tobin (Kitty)
Sue's (Jane Lynch) heir apparent to Quinn (Dianna Agron) is going to follow in the footsteps of the former Cheerio. After Quinn romanced Finn, Puck, Sam and Joe, Kitty will do the same. "Like any popular girl in high school, she's going to cycle her way through the men," Tobin says with a wide grin. Another similarity? Don't expect her to make any friends doing so as her first romantic pairing will set up a new rivalry.

Blake Jenner (Ryder)
The Glee Project season two winner started filming Friday and will see his story lines expand upon the material he portrayed on the Oxygen reality series. "It's pretty  much my story kicked up a notch: I was an athlete in high school and I was a nice guy who was there for my friends and this character really embodies all of that," Jenner says, noting Ryder is an existing student at McKinley. In keeping with what Murphy previewed on Twitter, Ryder will indeed come complete with a potential love interest. "I do like someone, and you see that," he previews. Expect to also see Ryder audition for the musical by accident: "It's exciting to see how he has no interest in singing, it's probably the last thing on his mind, and all of it comes together," Jenner says.

Glee airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on Fox. Hit the comments with what you're looking forward to seeing.

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