'Glee': Where We Left Off and What's Ahead

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When Sam goes out for McKinley's synchronized swim team, New Directions is there to support him.

Could there be two big proposals when Glee returns for its winter premiere Tuesday? Want to see flashbacks to when couples like Finn and Rachel first met? Which New Directions members are next for love?

The Hollywood Reporter caught up with the cast at this week's Television Critics Association's winter press tour to get the latest scoop on what's next when Glee returns Tuesday with its "Yes/No" episode.

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Will (Matthew Morrison): Mr. Schue is riding high now that New Directions has won Sectionals -- and welcomed back Mercedes, Santana, Brittany and the rest of the Trouble Tones. So what's next? A marriage proposal! "It's the most elaborate, amazing thing," he tells THR of how it all goes down. "I personally would never do this, but I'm literally walking on water." Morrison also teased that that Will and Emma may not be the only ones taking the plunge. "There's another couple on the show that are making a big step as well, it's not just Will and Emma."

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Rachel (Lea Michele): After sitting out Sectionals to pay for tampering with the school election, Rachel has rejoined New Directions now that her suspension is up and is full-steam ahead for her post-high school life. "We find out very soon about the next step for NYADA," she says. "I don't think you're going to find out about NYADA until close to the finale for sure but you get more info about that soon." Meanwhile, Michele says Finn and Rachel are "in it to win it" and teased a "shocker for the people in relationships" in Tuesday's episode in addition to flashbacks of when all the couples -- including Mike and Tina, Finn and Rachel as well as Sam and Merceds -- first met.

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Finn (Cory Monteith): He's reconciled with Blaine and recommitted to serving as the glue that holds New Directions together, but still hasn't figured out what he wants to do with his life. "Finn is going to have to figure out very quickly what it is he wants to do and where he wants to go," Monteith says, noting Finn and Rachel will be tested along the way. In addition, it's bromance-city with Finn, Blaine and Rory.

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Sam (Chord Overstreet): He's back in the swing of things at McKinley and has set his sights on reconciling his relationship with Mercedes -- by any means necessary, which will find him joining the synchronize swim team in a bid to earn an letterman jacket to compete with Mercedes' football jock Shane. "She feels a little weird because she's still with her current boyfriend and obviously has feelings for both of them," Overstreet says, noting he'll be singing "Summer Nights" from Grease in the episode. "It's a nice little love triangle."

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Artie (Kevin McHale):After directing the black-and-white Christmas special, Artie will find himself the object of Becky's affection but his love interests don't end there. "There may be somebody else as well," McHale notes, hinting strongly that it might be a New Directions member (ahem, Sugar!). Beyond that, Artie will perform three songs in the Michael Jackson tribute episode.

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Rory (Damian McGinty): With 10 episodes under his belt, the Glee Project winner has already topped the prize he had coming to him and hasn't seen much in terms of a story since his arrival. But all that will change soon, he says. "[Glee co-creator] Ryan [Murphy] told me Friday about a story line coming up for Rory involving two other characters so it's going to be interesting. It's going to be very funny and very sweet." With whom? Likely a New Directions member, though he declined to provide details.

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Mike (Harry Shum Jr.):The almost straight-A senior has both his parents on board with his plans for a career in the arts and teased the flashbacks to Mike and Tina's early days. "You get to go back and see how they fell in love and how they got to that place because a lot of it was skimmed over. We get to see a lot of the couples in their past and how they got there and maybe the bumps in the road to how they got to that place. I think it's more mainly focused on Will and Emma. It's such a beautiful episode, the way the proposal happens. It's such a sweet way of having that come about.

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Sebastian (Grant Gustin):The Warbler with eyes for Blaine will decidedly lose interest come the Jan. 31 Michael Jackson tribute episode. "As of the Michael Jackson episode, he's slightly separating himself [from Blaine] and is less flirtatious and more of a dick," he says. "He's not necessarily pursuing Blaine anymore. He's not as into it as he has been in the past. Blaine's not giving him anything to work with and he's probably a little bored with it and moves on."

What are you most looking forward to when Glee returns?

Glee airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on Fox.

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