'Glee' Preview: 16 Spoilers From the Ricky Martin Episode

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Heather Morris, Ricky Martin and Harry Shum Jr. get sexy to LMFAO during New Directions' Latin Week in "The Spanish Teacher" episode.

Ricky Martin arrives at Glee's McKinley High on Tuesday and his presence has quite an impact on Matthew Morrison's Will Schuester.

The episode, titled "The Spanish Teacher," finds Will and Sue battling it out for an open tenure position at the school, while elsewhere Sam and Mercedes ponder what last week's smooch meant for them as a couple.

The Hollywood Reporter was among those who got a first look at the episode and has 16 fun spoilery highlights from the Latin Week-themed hour.

1. Will vs. Himself: Mr. Schue's Spanish teaching "skills" are on full display, and even he's ashamed that they include Taco Tuesday, "La Cucaracha" and an accordion. He's also not the only one who's embarrassed by the display.

2. Will and Sue vs. Figgins: With an open tenure position at McKinley, the two battle it out for to impress Principal Figgins for the spot. The winner? It isn't who you'd expect.

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3. Sue vs. Will, Round 8,012: Positive that she's got the inside track on the tenure gig -- she's a proven champion! -- Sue uses a confrontation with Will to hit him up for a sperm donation, taking advantage of one specific physical attribute that up until this point has been the butt of endless jokes.

4. Will vs. David Martinez: Martin's Martinez takes over Will's Spanish classroom at McKinley … as a night school teacher. Why doesn't the fluent Señor Martinez's teach Español during the day? Night school is the beginning of a career change. His previous gig? Let's just say it involves Martin's killer smile, which is on full (comedic) display in the episode.

5. Sue Sylvester, mother? Is it physically possible for her to conceive? Let's just say that Sue took measures to ensure that it is -- more than 30 years ago and ahead of the technology that was readily available. Skeptics include Will, Emma, Santana and Roz, who comically suggests that Sue will give birth to full-grown adult grandchild, complete with a cell phone and briefcase.

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6. The print materials in the episode are amazing: Sue on the cover of American Cheerleader magazine with the headline, "Kiss My Poms!" Other literature, courtesy of Emma's new series of pamphlets: "So You're a Two-Timin' Ho," "So You're Dating a Two-Timin' Ho," "Please Don't Hog My Fiancé's Nog," "Performance Anxiety -- It's Not Just for Teenage Boys," "How To Give Yourself Stitches," "Taint Misbehavin'," "So You Were a Jerk to Your Fiancé" and "Congratulations -- I Love You." In a related story, Emma could wind up being the one to support her husband.

7. Sue vs. Roz: Sue isn't the only award-winning coach at McKinley and Roz wants to -- and briefly does -- take over the Cheerios. Under Roz's direction, even Becky's a fan -- and the Cheerios co-captain's treachery doesn't end there.

8. Roz's backstory, revealed: She's a bronze-medal winning Olympian who … had a threesome with a certain Olympic record holder!

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9. Santana sneaks in a nice reference to her on-screen mother, Gloria Estefan, when Will introduces Latin Week!

10. Everything Martin touches has duende. Especially this. Same goes for his duet with Santana on Madonna's "La Isla Bonita," which is muy bueno. (Como se dice, Emmy para Naya Rivera?)

11. Sam vs. Shane:Sam's professing his love for Mercedes via Twitter, and won't stop until a very romantic tweet about Mercedes is trending. Cute! While working out the details of their relationship, Mercedes gives Sam the silent treatment. Singing, however, isn't part of that as they each have songs that they perform to one another. Who has the first word when the experiment is over? Shane.

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12. It's movie night at Rachel's as she confides (via Twilight!) in Mercedes and Kurt about her engagement to Finn. Kurt's initial reaction doesn't last long as he quickly comes to understand just why Rachel said yes. Rachel's reveal leads to a wonderful heart-to-heart between Kurt and Finn about college, marriage and the future, where Kurt's belief in Finn's star quality provides a fitting wake-up call for his multitalented brother that leaves the jock thinking.

13. The Gypsy Kings' "Bamboleo"/Enrique Iglesias' "Hero" as performed by the guys of New Directions, features some of the most fitting fashion the show has featured thus far. Three words: Mexican Hipster Boots.

14. Sue gives Will his due in a scene with Emma that not only explains her anger but also why she wants him to be a sperm donor.

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15. Elvis in Español: Will translates Presley's "A Little Less Conversation" in full conquistador gear, complete with backing from a mariachi band and Mike and Brittany serving as the bulls. Not everyone is a fan of the performance.

16. Santana vs. Will: Santana calls Will out on his Spanish teaching skills and the racial stereotypes he's perpetuating while at the same time complimenting his abilities as the glee coach. The confrontation leads to a big reveal for Will, who begins to ponder his position. Is there a future for Señor Martinez at McKinley? Let's just say that Will takes Santana's message to heart and the tenure winner isn't who'd you'd expect it to be.

Glee's "The Spanish Teacher" episode airs Tuesday at 8 p.m. on Fox. What are you most looking forward to seeing?

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