'Glee' Stars Celebrate 100 Episodes, Share Their Bucket List

THR hit the set of the Fox musical and asked the cast what they'd like to see their characters do before the series ends next year.
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As Glee celebrates 100 episodes, the endgame is rapidly approaching.

The Fox musical heads home from L.A. for this week's 100th episode after New Directions' second-place finish at Nationals to pay tribute to the glee club that helped its members -- past and present -- find themselves. 

With Sue (Jane Lynch) poised to end New Directions once and for all, current and former members of Mr. Schue's (Matthew Morrison) glee club will return to the choir room to say farewell. Morrison told The Hollywood Reporter during a visit to the show's Hollywood set for the 100th episode celebration that the hour is bittersweet.

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"[New Directions] came in second place at Nationals, and the deal was we had to come in first. It's the end of the glee club, which is an end of an era. I still remember the first scene we ever shot for Glee for the pilot. It was me and Cory Monteith and it was a scene where I accused him of having weed in his locker. Doing 'Don't Stop Believin' ' here today and he's not here, that's a full-circle moment. That saying is so true: The show must go on -- and we've really banded together. It's been tough but it's been real."

THR hit the Glee set and quizzed the cast to find out the one thing they'd like to see for their onscreen counterparts before the Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk dramedy heads for New York and bids farewell after next year's sixth and final season.

Lynch: The actress, who also hosts NBC's Hollywood Game Night, wants the snarky McKinley High principal to get serious. "I'd love to have her do something serious in the way the kids do, where she sings a song because she can find no other way to express herself than in song. Sue hasn't had one of those."

Morrison: The original castmember says Glee has already featured the one thing at the top of his bucket list. " 'Make 'Em Laugh' was my bucket list. Getting to do some classic songs like Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly did was a dream come true. If I could have written a show for myself, this would have been it. I've gotten to use all the stuff I've been training my whole life to do. It's been amazing."

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Lea Michele (Rachel): The actress, in a nod to the show's demanding production schedule, laughed at the thought of having an easier go of filming. "I'd like to do a whole episode in bed, where Rachel is sick and has to lay in bed in comfy clothes for an entire episode."

Chris Colfer (Kurt): Colfer echoed Michele's sentiments. "We want to see each other animated," the actor says of his hopes for Kurt and Rachel.

Darren Criss (Blaine): For Criss, it's all about rounding out the Anderson family after the Fox musical enlisted White Collar's Matt Bomer to play Blaine's older brother, Cooper. "I would love to meet Blaine's parents. They've alluded to Blaine having some kind of daddy issues and it would be cool to see that. … Blaine has been like five different characters, so I'd like to have a parental story arc to understand why that happened."

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Chord Overstreet (Sam): Overstreet wants to see more tunes like "Red Solo Cup" for Sam. "I'd like to sing a classic country song. That's what I grew up singing and writing with my dad being a country music writer. Sam has had a lot of hardships and been through so many ups and downs that I'd like to see something for him where he may have stumbled onto something great."

Jacob Artist (Jake): One of New Directions' newest additions voted for a classic -- only not for himself. "I would like to see Kitty get Slushied," he says, pointing to one of the glee club's remaining members who has yet to get the classic season-one treatment.

Becca Tobin (Kitty): The actress behind the smack-talking Cheerio opted instead to pick one thing she doesn't want to do on the series, much to Artist's chagrin. "Heather [Morris] and I are the only ones who have never been Slushied -- and let's keep it that way!"

Alex Newell (Unique): The underclassmen behind Unique hopes his character has some romance coming after Catfishing Ryder. "I'd love to see Unique get a boyfriend," he says.

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Blake Jenner (Ryder): The newest member of the McKinley High glee club just wants to see his character -- who has battled dyslexia, fought for Marley's heart and been Catfished -- come out on top. "I'd like to see Ryder have a happy ending. He's been disappointed throughout his course and had the crap end of the stick. I'd like to see him win, just once."

Melissa Benoist (Marley): The actress behind the insecure aspiring songwriter has her sights set on the radio. "I'd like to see her confident enough to really start pursuing her dreams. She has the songwriting but is hesitant about it. It would be cool if one of her songs got on the radio."

Glee's 100th episode, featuring remixes of the show's most beloved performances as voted on by the fans, airs Tuesday at 8 p.m. on Fox. Check out Paltrow's cover of "Happy," below.

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