'Glee': Vanessa Lengies Offers 5 Things to Know About 'Heart'

Love Triangle

Rory and Artie will compete for the affections of Sugar during the Valentine's Day episode. Damian McGinty told THR that the upcoming story line is "very funny and very sweet."

It's Valentine's Day at McKinley High on Tuesday when Glee's Sugar Motta (Vanessa Lengies) gives the New Directions gang a reason to celebrate the most romantic day of the year.

It turns out the single wannabe singer loves the Hallmark holiday -- her middle name is Valentine, Lengies says -- and wants everyone to celebrate in grand fashion at Breadsticks, which thanks to her father, she takes over and renames the Sugar Shack for the night to host a couples' dance.

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The Hollywood Reporter caught up with Lengies to talk about Tuesday's episode and get the scoop The Glee Project co-winner Samuel Larsen's arrival in the episode. Here are five things to know about "Heart."

1. "It's a complete battle between Rory (Damian McGinty) and Artie (Kevin McHale) for Sugar's date to the Valentine's Day party," Lengies teases, noting that the duo will try to top one another when it comes to showering her with gifts. Speaking of presents, Sugar's also easily bribed and enjoys the attention -- which makes perfect sense considering her father is the one who buys her anything and everything she wants, including a glee club.

2. After all is said and done, it won't be about the gifts when it comes to who Sugar will pick as Artie and Rory, in typical Glee fashion, will resort to winning her over in song. "Eventually, hear heart takes over," Lengies says. "She's sensitive and she definitely just goes with what her heart tells her to do."

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3. Beyond the couples' dance, which Lengies notes is a great episode for the 'shippers, "Heart" will also introduce The Glee Project co-winner Larsen's character, Joe Hart, who comes in as a recent transfer to McKinley. "He's been home-schooled and is part of this new God group at the school," Lengies says, which is in line with what The Glee Project producers had envisioned for the Catholic Larsen.

4. Will Sugar and her mystery Valentine's date continue into subsequent episodes? Lengies says it remains unclear as the cast just finished filming next week's Regionals episode. "That episode was very heavy with cliffhangers and ups and downs and surprises so there wasn't any mention of future relationships between Sugar and her chosen mate," she says. "But who knows what the future holds."

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5. As for what Regionals holds, Lengies says the Troubletones will return for a big mashup. "The girls are back together and it's so powerful," she teases. "It's like when we did the Adele mashup or when we did the 'Survivor' mashup." Also set for a big Regionals performance? Lea Michele's Rachel.

What are you most looking forward to seeing during "Heart"? Glee airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on Fox.

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