'Glee' Recap: Kurt's New Guy and More Highlights From the Whitney Houston Tribute

With graduation looming, New Directions begins to unearth their feelings about moving on from McKinley High using music from the late singer during Tuesday's "Dance With Somebody" episode.
"Glee's" Heather Morris

[Warning: This story contains spoilers from Tuesday's Glee.]

As graduation day inches closer at Glee's McKinley High, New Directions used the songs of Whitney Houston to begin to cope with saying their goodbyes during Tuesday's episode.

Here are the scene-stealers from Tuesday's "Dance With Somebody" episode, during which a new guy nearly came between Kurt and Blaine, Santana and Rachel put their past beind them and Quinn and Joe grew closer.

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1. Rachel, Kurt and Santana join Mercedes for an a cappella version of "How Will I Know" after she continues to have trouble saying goodbye to Houston, one of her idols. Coming after Mercedes' proclamation last week that her post-graduation plan is to be famous -- like Houston -- it makes sense. Scene stealer: The cover is almost as good as this.

2. Will has a hard time believing that two months after Houston's passing, the kids are still struggling with it and turns to Emma -- who of course has a pamphlet that explains it all: "Princess Di: Why I Can't Stop Crying." The guidance counselor says Di was a physical representation of her senior year struggle with moving on from high school, friends and her childhood. Will connects the subtle dots: "Whitney is their Diana." Scene stealer: We love Emma's pamphlets.

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3. Kurt has a new friend: Meet Chandler, a North Lima High student who, like Kurt, is New York-bound via NYU's musical theater program. After meeting at Between the Sheets (seriously?!) the overly enthusiastic fellow fashionista begins sending Kurt cute text messages and mapping out plans for them once they make it to NYC. Scene stealer: None, we'd rather exchange Chandler for more Sugar Motta time.

4. Brittany and Santana cover "I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)," a tribute that takes a page directly from Houston's 1985 video (for "How Will I Know") in their second duet this season (behind Beyonce's "Run the World (Girls)"). It's one of the season's most infectious performances and begs the question: Why haven't we seen more of their home life? Scene stealer: Brittany for this gem: "Quinn, you're still dancing in my dreams -- and you can fly and breathe fire." The only thing missing was a real kiss for this dynamic duo.

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5. Chandler creates trouble in paradise as Kurt says he and Blaine are suffering from a case of lesbian bed death and that the pair has become an old married couple. After finding out about the scores of text messages, Blaine accuses Kurt of cheating, while Kurt complains that he's had to take a back seat to his alpha gay partner when it comes to solos. The argument leads to solos for each of them, with Blaine taking on "It's Not Right But It's Okay." Scene stealer: Brittany again: "Cheetahs have the fastest land speed of any animal," she quips after Blaine dedicates the song to "anyone who's ever been cheated on."

6. Quinn and Joe are a thing … almost. "I care about you," he says after asking to accompany her to physical therapy. "And to me, being a Christian isn't about talk, it's about actions." She obliges and the duo grow close enough to cover "Saving All My Love for You," with glipses of their undeniable chemistry at physical therapy intercut though the performance. Later, Quinn and Joe define the flirtation that's going on between them, where she says she'd never ask him to pick between her and his faith. Scene stealer: Quinn, who allows Joe to figure out his faith for himself and take things slow.

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7. Joe turns to Quinn's ex, Sam, for advice with his feelings. The formerly homeschooled kid has a religious discussion with Sam, who encourages him to be a new kind of Christian. Joe ultimately must to decide if he wants to be closer to God or closer to Quinn. Scene stealer: Joe's hair, which is more distracting in one scene than Puck's mohawk has been all season.

8. Santana and Rachel let bygones be bygones and team for a high-octane "So Emotional" with Finn and Brittany both recording the performance on their phones. (Anyone else think we'll see this video and the one from last week again come graduation day?) Scene stealer: Santana, for this quip: "Quick, say something irritating so I can get the taste of this out of my head," she tells Rachel after realizing she was going to miss the glee diva. We agree: more of these two together please.

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9. Burt is back from D.C. and reveals that he doesn't want Kurt to go to New York as they've been "Starsky and gay Hutch" for a long time and he'll miss him. Burt reminds his son that everything changes the moment Kurt leaves for New York. "You and me, we made each other men," he says. "Just sometimes, I want my sweet little boy back." Their conversation prompts Kurt to sing his apology to Blaine via "I Have Nothing." Scene stealers: Kurt and Burt -- father-son talks are always best when Burt is involved and Chris Colfer's emotional solo is one for the books.

10. Blaine and Kurt ultimately end up in Emma's office for couples' counseling. Blaine (a junior) reveals that he feels like Kurt (a senior) can't wait to leave Lima and is worried that they'll break up. "I have been distant and I'm sorry but I'm trying to practice for what life is going to be like without you," Blaine says. "You are the love of my life, Kurt, and I'm pissed off that I have to learn next year what being alone is like." Kurt reaffirms his feelings for him and vows that Blaine won't lose him as the two profess their love for one another. (Again, where's the kiss?) Scene stealer: Emma, for having another great pamphlet at the ready.

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11. Struggling with saying goodbye to the students who helped change his life, Will tells Emma he wants to move their wedding from Christmas to May, revealing that he's worried the New Directions seniors won't come back after graduation to perform at the ceremony. (If they do wind up skipping the nuptials, perhaps it's because they heard Mr. Schue say he planned on rapping at the reception.) Scene stealer: Emma, who in one episode talked Will out of moving the wedding up and helped bring Blaine and Kurt back together.

12. Mercedes and Artie kick off "My Love is Your Love," as the seniors begin to realize the impact their impending graduation really has. Scene stealer: Kurt, who keeps a New Directions, circa Season 1, cast photo in his locker featuring Dijon Talton's Matt.

What did you think of Glee's Whitney Houston tribute? Did the songs work well? Do you hope to never see Chandler again? Do you like the Joe-Quinn pairing? Hit the comments. Glee airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on Fox. Check out a promo for next week's episode -- featuring guest star Whoopi Goldberg -- below.

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