'Glee' Preview: 5 Teasers From the Whitney Houston Tribute

THR was among those to get a first look at Tuesday's seven-song "Dance With Somebody" episode and has a look at what to expect.
"Glee's" Darren Criss

With only a handful of episodes remaining in its third season, Glee's graduating seniors begin to bid farewell to McKinley High this week with "Dance With Somebody," a tribute to Whitney Houston.

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The Hollywood Reporter was among those who got a first look at the episode, which features seven songs from the late singer's catalog. Here are five teasers from Tuesday's jam-packed episode.  

1. Emma's (Jayma Mays) pamphlets return and prompt Will (Matthew Morrison) to come up with the week's Whitney tribute and its underlying theme: learning to let go. Turns out the New Directions gang aren't the only ones struggling with the end of an era as Will wants to move up the wedding from Christmas to May, which may or may not go over well. 

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2. It's a big episode for Chris Colfer's Kurt (a senior) and Darren Criss' Blaine (a junior), who finally address the elephant in the room thanks to Mr. Shue's Whitney assignment. How they get there, however, will definitely ruffle the feathers of Klaine 'shippers.  

3. After sitting out during "Saturday Night Glee-ver," Quinn (Dianna Agron) is back and there's movement with her budding romance with a certain someone, who turns to a blast from her past for advice with how to navigate his conflicted feelings for the former Cheerio. Here's a hint.

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4. There's a reference to lesbian bed death but it isn't about the couple you'd expect and another twosome will turn to Emma for couples' counseling.

5. All of the songs in the episode land an emotional punch of some sort, be they over-the-top rousing covers like "Dance," or Kurt's "I Have Nothing," which he's inspired to sing after a teary heart-to-heart with someone near and very dear to him.

What are you most curious about? Which Whitney song are you most interested in hearing? Hit the comments with your thoughts. Glee airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on Fox. Check out a new promo below with the cast teasing the episode.

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