'Glee': 'Yes/No' Previews Plus a New Tribute Episode (Video)

The Bee Gees' "Saturday Night Fever" soundtrack to get the special treatment, plus a new clip offers a peek at the Michael Jackson hour.
"Glee's" Matthew Morrison and Jayma Mays

After a hiatus of more than a month, Fox's Glee returns Tuesday with what's promising to be a big episode for Will (Matthew Morrison) and Emma (Jayma Mays) and a "shocker" for the people in relationships, according to Lea Michele.

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In the episode, titled "Yes/No," Will turns to the glee club to plan a surprise for Emma, while Becky begins her romantic pursuit of Artie and Finn makes an announcement about his post-high school life.

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Meanwhile, the series will take next week off and return Jan. 31 with its Michael Jackson tribute episode -- the first of at least a pair of tributes planned for the third season of the Fox musical.

The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that Glee plans to pay tribute to the Bee Gees andJohn Travolta's 1977 feature Saturday Night Fever and The Bee Gees with an April episode. As first reported by TV Guide, Travolta could guest star in the hour.

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"Travolta and Cory Monteith (Finn) became close friends at a party when Cory told him he'd seen [the 1996 Travolta movie] Broken Arrow 20 times. Travolta sent him an autographed copy of the DVD. So maybe we'll have them dance in a Finn dream sequence," Glee co-creator Ryan Murphy told TV Guide.

The April news suddenly makes the monthlong winter hiatus seem like no time at all.

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In the meantime, listen to Michele cover David Guetta's "Without You" from Tuesday's episode, and a check out a teaser for "Yes/No" and what's ahead -- with a peek at footage from the Jackson tribute episode -- both below.

What are you most excited to see?

Glee airs Tuesday at 8 p.m. on Fox.

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