Glenn Beck Farewell: Keith Olbermann Bids Adieu to the Fox News Host (Video)

Current TV's newest face revisits Beck's tenure and reveals why he gave him the nickname “Lonesome Rhodes.”
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Keith Olbermann

On Thursday night's Countdown, Keith Olbermann bid farewell to Glenn Beck – one of his consummate bogeymen – with an edited clip of Beck’s greatest hits during his two-plus year run on Fox News. 

The montage included Beck's usage of Nazi imagery as well as the following bon mots (with no context, naturally):

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"Could we just make things up and remain on the air?"

"America, I’m going to shoot straight with ya. I think I’ve wasted your time."

"This is the worst television show in the history of television." 

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Fortunately, said Olbermann, "[Beck] leaves behind two years of the crazy for us to enjoy in retrospective. My favorite moment: the day he turned the word oligarchy into an acronym ... and misspelled it!”

Olbermann likened Beck to “doomsday prophet” Harold Camping, the Christian radio personality with a penchant for predicting the End of Times. Camping most recently declared the end of the world would come on May 21, 2011.

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“Camping only gave four dates for the end of the world,” observed Olbermann. “Glenn Beck does that in a week.”

Olbermann also revealed why he ascribed the sobriquet Lonesome Rhodes to Beck. It is the name of Andy Griffith’s character in Elia Kazan’s 1957 classic A Face in the Crowd, about a “no-good grifter [Griffith] with a gift for gab” who becomes a political king maker.

Lonesome Rhodes, said Olbermann, brags that he can “make the people eat dog food and think it’s steak.”

Watch the video below:

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