Glenn Beck Launching Clothing Line for Charity (Video)

The brand will be called 1791: The Original Blueprint.

Glenn Beck has several post-Fox News Channel projects lined up and one is especially ambitious: a clothing line called 1791: The Original Blueprint.

Beck introduced the label in a preview reel for his upcoming GBTV venture, and said that proceeds from the sales of the clothes will go to charity and towards families in need in places like tornado-ravaged Joplin, Missouri.

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Beck displayed some of the polo shirts and long-sleeved button downs that will be part of the brand and says he's going to attempt to manufacture the clothing in America in an effort to create jobs in distressed communities. He said he refused to work with one designer who claimed the clothes could not be manufactured domestically.

The brand's logo is a skull and crossbones with a crown over it -- the significance of which is still unknown. The website for the venture,, is currently minimal but it does display small insignias of George Washington's profile, a merit badge, the letter "V" in a circle and another logo with the words "G. Washington" below a skull and crossing keys.

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Beck explained the significance of the 1791 name in an interview with Bill O'Reilly last month, "That’s when the Bill of Rights happened. [We] need to go back to the original blueprint. And so the clothing will actually have things all over inside the clothing to remind you of -- to go back and be who you are supposed to be."

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Because proceeds go to charity, Beck likened himself to the late Paul Newman, who directed profits from his Newman's Own products to charity, "It’s philosophical. It’s a way of life. And it’s also going to be kind of like Newman’s Own. I’m going to do [that] to clothing."

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