Glenn Beck Targets Jon Stewart on Farewell Show (Video)

Glenn Beck Top 100 Party 2011
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Glenn Beck Top 100 Party 2011

Talk show host Glenn Beck used part of his farewell program Thursday to take a couple of digs at his TV nemesis Jon Stewart.

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Beck's potshots were primarily a numbers game: He compared his own monologue (21 minutes) to Stewart's Daily Show one (6 minutes); he touted his total air time (42 minutes) against Stewart's (22 minutes, including guests); and finally, he introduced his writing staff to prove he believes in what he says, because otherwise, how would he be able to talk for so long on the air with so little help?

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The conservative pundit illustrated the Daily Show vs. Glenn Beck Program disparity by showing a picture of Stewart and his writing staff at the Emmys. Beck pointed out that Stewart employed a writing crew of anywhere between 15 and 40 staffers while he had just two: Dan and Pat (last names undisclosed), whom he paraded out to viewers and shook hands with.

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Beck said, "It's easy to speak from the heart, it's easy to do things when you actually believe them. And we've done it with a remarkably small and dedicated staff and a remarkably large and dedicated audience, and we thank you for that."
Beck and Stewart have a long-running war of the words; Stewart even based his Rally to Restore Sanity in Oct. on Beck's Restoring Honor event last August.

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Watch Beck's digs at Stewart below (video via Mediaite):