Gloria Estefan Joins Ozzie and Will Areu's Production Company

Gloria Estefan
Getty Images

Gloria Estefan at the 40th Kennedy Center Honors. 

Gloria Estefan and the Areu brothers are joining forces.

The seven-time Grammy-winning singer/actress/songwriter is boarding Will and Ozzie Areu's film and television studio, Areu Bros, as a partner and member of the executive leadership team. Recently, the brothers announced the acquisition of Tyler Perry’s prior studio in Atlanta. Estefan will help create and package content for the company across all platforms including music, television, film and shortform content.

“I am so excited to be part of this incredible creative team,” said Estefan. “In today’s world, visibility is more important than ever, and I’m fortunate enough to now have a platform through Will and Oz to shine a spotlight on stories, talented artists, writers and producers. In the midst of this seismic shift in society and culture, Areu Bros. is the game changer for female and minority voices and innovators.”

“We are honored to welcome aboard Gloria Estefan, one of the most iconic and legendary American artists, who created so many groundbreaking sounds for so many moments in time,” said Ozzie Areu, chairman and CEO of Areu Bros, which the family founded to create a multifaceted media company encompassing music, tech, film and television.

“Gloria has always been a strong and empowering voice for the female and Latino communities, and we can’t wait for her to use that voice to find new voices,” added Will Areu, co-chairman of Areu Bros. “As first-generation Cuban Americans, my family and I have been fortunate to travel on the trail that Gloria blazed, showing us that there is no ceiling to human potential.”