'Go On': Performance Evaluations Reveal the Group's Weirdest Concerns (Exclusive Video)

Go On Go Deep Group - H 2013

Go On Go Deep Group - H 2013

It's evaluation time for the guys and gals on NBC's Go On.

How is therapy group leader Lauren (Laura Benanti) doing? After several weeks off, the rookie comedy returns Feb. 19 to ask just that question.

The Hollywood Reporter has an exclusive scene from "Go Deep," in which the members of Ryan King's (Matthew Perry) therapy meetings -- including Simone (Piper Perabo) -- are tasked with grading her overall performance. "I'm a custodian of your emotional well-being!" Lauren tells the group as she passes out the forms, which Ryan throws away immediately. "You put your life in my hands. Your feedback could not be more critical!"

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Lauren may have thought the group would go deep inside themselves, but instead they ask about things like rating snack foods. But Lauren is incredibly serious about this evaluation process: To ensure anonymity, she wants the group to type out their responses -- which include an essay portion. (Is this starting to sound like a college application?)

Meanwhile, Sonia (Sarah Baker) wants to fill out the form from another perspective -- and it's not human. Watch to find out what it is.

Go On returns at 9 p.m. Feb. 19 on NBC. Terrell Owens will return with Ned Beatty guest-starring.

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