'Go On': Did Carrie Profess Her Love for Ryan King? (Exclusive Video)

Go On Episodic April 4 - H 2013

Go On Episodic April 4 - H 2013

Things are getting awkward.

Go On moves to a new day and time for the final two episodes of the season, the post-The Office slot on Thursdays, and in the next episode "Fast Break-Up," K-BAL sportscaster Ryan King (Matthew Perry) is presented with an awkward dilemma.

After receiving a drunken phone call in the middle of the night from a lady professing her love, Ryan shares his findings with his colleagues, assistant Carrie (Allison Miller) and Steven (John Cho).

When Carrie starts to recount her night -- which included watching a Katherine Heigl movie "on purpose," drinking a bottle of red wine and scarfing down a pepperoni pizza -- things begin to add up. That mystery lady who called Ryan after 1 a.m.? That was Carrie!

Steven reacts in the appropriate manner: "Oh god, feelings learned ... Weird ... Awful ..."

How will they deal with this revelation?

Go On moves to 9:30 p.m. Thursdays beginning April 4 on NBC.

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