'Go On' Finale: Is Ryan King Ready to Move On? (Exclusive Video)

THR debuts a clip from Thursday's season closer, "Urn-ed Run."
"Go On"

"Holding onto the past inhibits you from forming meaningful relationships in the present."

That piece of advice brings to the forefront Ryan King's (Matthew Perry) biggest hurdle that he must confront in the season finale of NBC's Go On. Nearly one year after the death of his wife and a slew of therapy sessions later, is the K-BAL sportscaster ready to take a giant step forward? What he doesn't seem to get is that his wife's ashes -- and his inability to part with them -- is causing tension among group members. Who would've thought?

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Ryan's response to Lauren's (Laura Benanti) inquiry doesn't exactly satisfy everyone -- much to his shock. As seen in a scene exclusive to The Hollywood Reporter, Mr. K (Brett Gelman) and several members of the group admit that they feel their lives would be a thousand times better if Ryan were fully emotionally-invested in their lives.

The deeply-sensitive Owen (Tyler James Williams) takes it the hardest: "I text him witticisms and he rarely responds. It hurts."

When Ryan finally decides to lay his wife's ashes to rest to save his relationships with the group, Fausta (Tonita Castro) takes it in a surprising direction. Watch to find out what happens.

Will Ryan keep his promise to the group?

Go On's season finale airs at 9:30 p.m. Thursday on NBC.

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