GoDaddy Breakout Nerd's First Post-Super Bowl Appearance: 'Big Bang Theory' The Kiss Commercial - H 2013 The Kiss Commercial - H 2013

GoDaddy may not have received much positive feedback from their most recent Super Bowl ad, but actor Jesse Heiman seems to have come out on top.

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The 34-year-old starred in one of Sunday’s most talked-about commercials as the nerdy side of GoDaddy’s business model to Bar Refaeli’s sexy side. The duo proceeded to lock lips in a sloppy, saliva-filled make-out session for a solid 10 seconds.

“It was like kissing paradise or kissing God’s hands,” Heiman gushed Monday morning during an appearance on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show. “I was just in awe that I got to kiss her but I really enjoyed it.”

And while Heiman’s sudden relevance could open new doors (or at least prompt a mini-media blitz), viewers will be seeing more of him much sooner than expected. In fact, Heiman will return to CBS this month.

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“I recently did an episode of The Big Bang Theory,” Heiman revealed during his interview, while a rep for the show tells The Hollywood Reporter that Heiman can be spotted in the Feb. 14 episode. Heiman has long been a member of the BBT family, appearing as an extra on the show for the past several years. His role in the Valentine’s Day episode is also nonspeaking.  

Heiman is, of course, already known as the “world’s greatest extra,” appearing in the background of countless film and television projects. On IMDb, he has 65 acting credits to his name.

Most recently, Heiman appeared as “Concession Kid” on The Mindy Project’s “Harry & Sally” episode.

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