'Gold Rush: Parker's Trail' Gets Second Season at Discovery Channel (Exclusive)

Gold Rush: Parker's Trail - Publicity - H 2018
Courtesy of Discovery

Discovery Channel has renewed Gold Rush: Parker's Trail for a second season.

The show, a spinoff of the network's long-running Gold Rush series, returns at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Friday, March 30. In its first season, the series ranked as the most-watched new unscripted series on cable among men 25-54 for 2017.

The show follows gold miner Parker Schnabel, 23, and his crew of friends as they head deep into the treacherous jungles of Guyana, South America, to chase a 21st century gold rush at the site of the legendary El Dorado. Last year alone, Guyana produced more than $750 million worth of gold. But this is one treasure hunt that could cost them everything as even the most seasoned miners have failed, including fellow Gold Rush-er Todd Hoffman.

The first season followed Schnabel and his crew as they attempted a perilous journey into the frozen north on the legendary Klondike Gold Rush Trail.

This time, Schnabel will leave his heavy mining equipment behind and tap the local population to teach him how to find gold by hand and using only basic tools. Far from his home in Haines, Alaska, he'll have a chance to mine like the old-timers during the original Klondike gold rush of 1898, before machines took the place of gritty manual labor.

Once again, Schnabel is joined by his foreman and close friend Rick Ness to help him mine; survival expert and wilderness guide Karla Ann to help keep them all alive; and longtime friend and adventure cameraman Sam Brown, the man responsible for filming their expedition.

To find a virgin gold claim, Schnabel's crew will fight their way through dense and dangerous jungle where they'll encounter lethal predators like ravenous caimans and jaguars along with venomous snakes and spiders the size of softballs. Even the piranha they fish for can kill them with their razor-sharp teeth.

Schnabel will need to learn all new ways of mining and how to handle the dangerous high-pressure hoses. But the risk becomes even greater as they head deep into the unknown — crossing raging rapids and overcoming treacherous waterfalls to reach the near-legendary "Mountain of Gold." However, what they encounter on the last leg of their journey was something that not one of them ever expected.

Gold Rush: Parker's Trail is produced for Discovery Channel by Raw Television, where Dimitri Doganis and James Bates are executive producers, Ceri Smith is production executive, and Peter Campion and Mark Carter are series producers. For Discovery Channel, Matthew Vafiadis and Bill Howard are executive producers and Jessica Mollo is associate producer.