'Gold Rush' Sneak Peek: Things Get Tense With Parker's Crew (Exclusive Video)

The Hollywood Reporter has an exclusive clip from Friday night's Gold Rush.

The episode finds the Hoffman crew attempting to set up their wash plant, but the jungle fights them every step of the way. Meanwhile, the Dakota Boys find their first bedrock gold in the glory hole. And in the Klondike, Parker Schnabel gets more gold out of Little Blue than the Hoffmans ever did.

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In the above clip, Parker's crew is working 14 hours a day to increase their gold tally by doubling the amount of pay dirt they process. But ex-Hoffman crewmember Greg Remsburg is struggling to keep up.

"He's so slow," Parker says while timing him. "I thought he actually knew what he was doing."

Things get worse when he drops a 100-pound boulder in the hopper, and the operation comes to a complete standstill.

From there, Parker decides to take Greg aside and talk to him, and a tense conversation ensues.

Gold Rush airs at 9 p.m. Fridays on Discovery Channel.