'Gold Rush' Spinoff Greenlit at Discovery Channel (Exclusive)

Discovery has ordered a spinoff of its top-rated series Gold Rush, featuring-fan favorite Dave Turin.

The cable network has greenlit Gold Rush: Dave Turin's Lost Mines, which also marks its first Gold Rush multiplatform series. The show will debut with seven new midform episodes on Friday, March 8, on the Discovery GO platform before the series has its broadcast premiere with all-new episodes on the network at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Friday, April 5.

Dave Turin spent years working alongside fellow miner Todd Hoffman, earning the nickname "Dozer Dave" after spending countless hours bulldozing in the quest for gold. Two years ago, Turin left the mining for new adventures.

After his departure from Gold Rush, people around the country started reaching out to Turin, asking for his help resurrecting their failing mines. Now he is planning a big return to gold mining as he searches for a lost and abandoned mine to resurrect and chase the gold the old-timers left behind.

Using his expertise, and the backing of financiers, Turin is on a mission to become his own mine boss and make his fortune.

The episodes that air exclusively on Discovery GO, which is free to viewers with a cable subscription, will follow his search for the right mine. Turin will explore the history of each one and prospect the land to figure out which mine could see him win big. The search will culminate with him picking the one abandoned mine he can turn into newfound riches when the show debuts on Discovery Channel with all-new episodes focusing on his work in that chosen mine.

"Dave Turin cemented himself as a fan favorite as viewers witnessed his successes, failures, persistence and now a whole new chapter," said Scott Lewers, executive vp multiplatform live event programming and network strategy at Discovery and Science Channel. "This digital-first series invites everyone to join him on his latest adventure and thrilling pursuit for gold."

The long-running Gold Rush continues to be a ratings success with Discovery Channel. It debuted in 2010 and had its ninth-season premiere in October.

Dave Turin's Lost Mines is produced for Discovery Channel by Raw TV, with Mike Griffiths and Sam Maynard as executive producers. For Discovery, Matt Vafiadis and Christina Bavetta serve as executive producers, with Jessica Mollo serving as associate producer.

Watch a sneak peek at the show above.