'The Goldbergs' to Take On 'Risky Business' in Season 3 Premiere

ABC/Ron Tom
The 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off' episode of 'The Goldbergs'

ABC's The Goldbergs will return with a minitribute episode for its third-season premiere.

The family will pay homage to the 1983 Tom Cruise and Rebecca De Mornay movie, showrunner Adam F. Goldberg announced Tuesday at the Television Critics Association's summer press tour stop. (The announcement came after ABC distributed Goldbergs-branded underwear and sunglasses like the ones Cruise sported in the film to critics at TCA.)

"I'm doing a big Risky Business episode; I wanted to start with a big splash. We're sinking cars, it's going to be a big thing," said Goldberg of the premiere. When asked after the panel about the genesis of the episode, Goldberg said it's about Lainey (new series regular AJ Michalka) becoming more of a part of the Goldbergs' family, with Beverly becoming a smother-mother to her, too. Naturally, Lainey revolts and throws a big Risky Business-like party that will, yes, feature Barry (Troy Gentile) in his underwear singing, a la Cruise.

The Risky episode marks the latest in a string of homages to beloved feature films that the ABC comedy has taken on — though it will not be the show's annual "Adam's Follies" tribute. The subject of the annual tribute episode — seasons one and two featured odes to The Goonies and Ferris Bueller's Day Off, respectively — still has not been determined, though it will be a John Hughes movie, as Goldberg previously told THR. Goldberg said they've decided on the movie but currently are negotiating with the studio.

The original Risky Business centered on Cruise's Joel Goodsen, a typical high school kid who, after getting involved with a prostitute, turns his parents' home into a brothel in a bid to reclaim a family heirloom. The movie is best known for launching Cruise's career — and featuring the actor in his underwear dancing around the living room to Bob Seger's "Old Time Rock and Roll." (Watch below.)

Here are some more highlights from The Goldbergs' time at TCA:

• There will be an episode about giant '80s hair this season, after Goldberg noted he tried to outfit everyone in the pilot but opted against it because "it looked so ridiculous." He later joked that he'd like to give young Adam (Sean Giambrone) a "jew-fro" this season.

• "The good thing about the show being set in 1980-something is it can go on for as long as we want," said Goldberg, calling his show a live-action Simpsons, as it never has revealed the ages or grades of the kids on the show. He joked that, should the show be on long enough, they’ll explore the '90s, if they get bored.

• "Every episode this season is about how I struggled with puberty," said Goldberg, noting it would explore the awkward time in his childhood.

• "I’m pretty much horrified every day when I get dressed," said Wendi McLendon-Covey of the '80s fashion depicted on the show.

• Will co-star Hayley Orrantia's (Erica) musical abilities continue to be featured on the show? "Our music budget is so astronomical. … What I discovered is if Hayley sings on the show, we only have to pay half," joked Goldberg of seeing the X Factor alum's musical skills in season three.

• "The best videos, I can't show," Goldberg revealed of his real-life end-tags featured on the show. "They're just so embarrassing. My family has a list of about 10 videos — 'You can never show this!' That's tough. What I'm hoping is I'll wear them down." Goldberg also said he once made a dramatic music video to "Cat's in the Cradle" and recently showed it to the writers' room — and that became an episode this season. The showrunner hopes that he'll eventually wear his family down and get to show the unseen 10, which largely consist of family arguments.

• "We talk about it. … If we were going to do it, it would be this season," said Goldberg of potentially showing his bar mitzvah this season. Goldberg's bar mitzvah was movie-themed, and he invited Steven Spielberg and Stephen King to it. (More on that here.)

• There will be a Short Circuit episode, said Goldberg. It will feature Jeff Garlin's Murray building a robot with young Adam.

• Garlin also described — in detail — the codpiece he has to wear when Murray walks around the show in his underwear. Needless to say, he's not a fan.

• Goldberg also reiterated that the big "Thriller" episode the show came up with for Halloween likely never would see the light of day.

The Goldbergs returns Wednesday, Sept. 23, at 8:30 p.m. on ABC.