Golden Globes: Walking to the Stage Took Up 10 Percent of Broadcast

Robin Wright Golden Globes on Stage - P 2014
Paul Drinkwater/NBC

Robin Wright Golden Globes on Stage - P 2014

Sunday night's Golden Globes was packed with funny jokes, well-deserved wins and other memorable moments. But it was also filled with a lot of walking.

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According to an informal Washington Post tally, approximately 10 percent of the 122-minute broadcast (without commercials) had viewers watching winners makes their way through the star-studded dining room to the stage.

On average, it took winners 29 seconds of airtime from the moment their names were announced to shaking hands with the presenter.

Who took the longest? That accolade belongs to Dancing on the Edge star Jacqueline Bisset, who took 66 seconds to waltz up on stage.

On the other hand, Amy Adams hustled to the stage in just 11 seconds, while a frantic Robin Wright -- who practically ran to the microphone -- took 33 seconds.

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The Globes' five longest walks to the stage were:

1. Jacqueline Bisset (best supporting actress, TV): 66 seconds
2. Breaking Bad cast (best drama series): 51 seconds
3. Elisabeth Moss (best actress, miniseries or TV movie): 45 seconds
4. Behind the Candelabra cast (best miniseries or TV movie): 44 seconds
5. U2 (best original song): 41 seconds

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