'Good Doctor,' 'New Amsterdam' Make Big Climbs With 7-Day Ratings

Delayed viewing propels the medical dramas from well outside to safely inside the top 25 shows for the season so far.
Freddie Highmore on 'The Good Doctor' (left), Ryan Eggold on 'New Amsterdam'

The hospital dramas The Good Doctor and New Amsterdam share more than just a TV genre: They also have remarkably similar ratings profiles.

The two shows have nearly identical same-day ratings among adults 18-49, and their initial total viewership differs by only about a half million people — 5.72 million for The Good Doctor on ABC, 5.24 million for New Amsterdam on NBC.

The two shows also make big leaps up in the season rankings thanks to delayed viewing. Both rank in the top 25 among all broadcast and cable series after seven days after same-day ratings that put them well outside there. 

The Good Doctor and New Amsterdam each jump 23 spots in the 18-49 rankings after a week of delayed viewing, with the former rising from 41st to 18th place and the latter going from 46th overall to 23rd. In total viewers, The Good Doctor jumps from 34th to 13th and New Amsterdam from 40th to 23rd.

Those are the biggest ranking gains in both measures among the top entertainment shows over the first nine weeks of the season (Sept. 23-Nov. 24). FX's American Horror Story makes a 59-spot leap in adults 18-49, but it falls just outside the 20 highest-rated, non-sports shows.  

Primetime NFL broadcasts and their associated pre- and post-game shows account for the top five spots overall in the seven-day 18-49 rankings and five of the top six in total viewers.

At the other end of the scale is The Simpsons, which takes the biggest fall (13th to 27th) in adults 18-49 ranking over seven days. The Fox institution doesn't get much lift from on-air delayed viewing, but it has a robust multiplatform audience. Last season, the show more than doubled its initial viewership with all platforms factored in. 

Below are the top 20 entertainment shows in Nielsen's live-plus-7 ratings for the season through Nov. 24, their rankings in same-day and seven-day tallies and the change from delayed viewing.

Adults 18-49

Show Network Live + SD rating (overall rank) Live-plus-7 rating (overall rank) Change in overall rank
The Masked Singer Fox 2.09 (8th) 3.09 (6th) 2
This Is Us NBC 1.55 (11th) 3.01 (7th) 4
911 Fox 1.47 (12th) 2.46 (9th) 3
Grey's Anatomy ABC 1.31 (19th) 2.37 (10th) 9
The Walking Dead AMC 1.16 (22nd) 2.03 (12th) 10
Chicago PD NBC 1.08 (26th) 1.97 (13th) 13
Modern Family ABC 1.0 (28th) 1.95 (14th) 14
Chicago Fire NBC 1.17 (21st) 1.9 (16th) 5
Survivor CBS 1.23 (20th) 1.85 (17th) 3
The Good Doctor ABC 0.82 (41st) 1.83 (18th) 23
The Voice – Monday NBC 1.39 (15th) 1.8 (19th) -4
Chicago Med NBC 1.16 (22nd) 1.74 (20th) 2
NCIS CBS 1.13 (25th) 1.74 (20th) 5
The Voice – Tuesday NBC 1.36 (16th) 1.74 (20th) -4
New Amsterdam NBC 0.8 (46th) 1.72 (23rd) 23
The Conners ABC 1.14 (24th) 1.7 (24th) 0
Young Sheldon CBS 1.05 (27th) 1.68 (25th) 2
A Million Little Things ABC 0.8 (46th) 1.64 (26th) 20
The Simpsons Fox 1.4 (13th) 1.62 (27th) -13
Prodigal Son Fox 0.82 (41st) 1.53 (29th) 12


Total Viewers

Show Network Live + SD
in millions (overall rank)
in millions (overall rank)
Change in overall rank
NCIS CBS 11.53 (6th) 15.35 (2nd) 4
FBI CBS 8.86 (9th) 12.25 (7th) 2
This Is Us NBC 7.16 (17th) 11.87 (8th) 9
Blue Bloods CBS 7.49 (16th) 11.81 (9th) 7
Young Sheldon CBS 8.39 (11th) 11.22 (10th) 1
Chicago Fire NBC 7.72 (15th) 11.18 (11th) 4
Chicago Med NBC 7.93 (14th) 10.96 (12th) 2
The Good Doctor ABC 5.72 (34th) 10.9 (13th) 21
Chicago PD NBC 6.68 (21st) 10.76 (14th) 7
911 Fox 6.72 (20th) 10.51 (16th) 4
Bull CBS 6.08 (32nd) 10.36 (17th) 15
The Masked Singer Fox 7.12 (18th) 10.08 (18th) 0
NCIS: New Orleans CBS 6.68 (22nd) 10.05 (19th) 3
The Voice – Tuesday NBC 8.28 (12th) 10.02 (20th) -8
The Voice – Monday NBC 8.18 (13th) 10.0 (21st) -8
New Amsterdam NBC 5.24 (40th) 9.85 (23rd) 17
Hawaii Five-0 CBS 6.97 (19th) 9.32 (24th) -5
Grey's Anatomy ABC 6.13 (30th) 9.16 (25th) 5
NCIS: Los Angeles CBS 6.33 (29th) 8.88 (26th) 3
Survivor CBS 6.51 (24th) 8.78 (27th) -3

Source: Nielsen