'The Good Fight' Creators Discuss Season 2 Cast Changes

The Good Fight S01E08 Erica Tazel Still - Publicity - H 2017
Patrick Harbron/CBS

The Good Fight creators are speaking about several recent cast changes made on the CBS All Access drama.

As previously reported by THR, The Good Wife spinoff has added several new series regulars for season two. Among them are season one recurring actors Michael Boatman and Nyambi Nyambi, who were both promoted, as well as Audra MacDonald who has come onboard to reprise the role she played in season four of the original CBS drama.

However, the offshoot will also bid adieu to season one series regular Erica Tazel, who played Barbara Kolstad, one of the partners at the new firm Diane joined in season one after she lost her life savings and was forced out of retirement. 

"Michelle and I had built a character that we didn't kind of feel we had enough directions to go with its future," says Robert King, who serves as co-creator and co-showrunner alongside his wife Michelle King. "We felt like we had written a character into a box. Part of it was to avoid imitating what we did during Good Wife when we found that we were using kind of the same muscles."

The Kings did confirm that Tazel will return for the season two premiere, but remained tight-lipped on how her character's exit will be dealt with given her status as a partner at the central firm.

After first playing a law school rival of Alicia Florrick's, McDonald returns as the same character. Only this time, she's an antagonist for firm partner Adrian Boseman (Delroy Lindo) as she happens to his ex-wife.

"What we wanted was someone who could get into Boseman's face and someone who could be a complex character but didn't imitate what Erica Tazel was doing the first season," Robert says. "What we wanted to do was tap into who this character and then find out more about her."

Star Christine Baranski praises the addition of the six-time Tony winner. "She brings such a strength and a kind of integrity and a powerful female presence. I think she'll go up against Delroy and up against me and she will be a fierce presence," she says. "Her presence is going to weigh hugely in the show. We're very lucky."

In addition to a bigger ensemble, The Good Fight season two will also expand to 13 episodes, up three from the 10-episode first season. "We actually felt a little cramped by 10, oddly enough. It made us suddenly sympathize with the difficulty of these people on HBO or wherever doing eight episodes," he says. "What I think is the ideal number is somewhere between 13 or 15 [episodes], for storytelling."

The Good Fight returns for season two in 2018.