'The Good Place': 6 Burning Questions for Season 2

Ahead of the show's sophomore season debut Sept. 20, THR unpacks the top burning questions heading into the premiere.
Courtesy of NBC
Kristen Bell as Eleanor on 'The Good Place'

[Warning: This story contains spoilers from the first season of NBC's The Good Place.]

The second-season premiere of NBC's afterlife comedy The Good Place is a little under a month away, but very little is known about the upcoming sophomore outing.

The comedy ended its first season with a shocking twist that Kristen Bell's Eleanor and her neighbors Chidi (William Jackson Harper), Tahani (Jameela Jamil) and Jianyu/Jason (Manny Jacinto) were, in fact, not in the Good Place, but in a version of hell known as the Bad Place that Ted Danson's Michael had designed to trick them into believing they'd gone to the Good Place. 

The big reveal naturally spawned more questions than answers, leaving fans wondering what the fork to expect in the upcoming season. Here, The Hollywood Reporter unpacks the top burning questions heading into season two. 

How bad will Eleanor be?

Bell seemingly answered this question herself when she told THR in March that viewers would see "a complete reset of Eleanor," but what does that actually mean? Is the growth she experienced in the first season completely erased, or will there be residual effects from her time in the Good Place? Will she learn things quicker this time around? 

How did Tahani die?

All of the dead characters' deaths are accounted for on the show (Grocery store accident for Eleanor? Check. Robbery gone wrong for Jason? Check. Being crushed by a falling air conditioner for Chidi? Check.), with one major exception: Tahani's. And while she makes a reference to sacrificing her life to save others at one point, her death is never shown onscreen. This is suspicious, and suggests there might be more here than meets the eye. 

Will the real Good Place make an appearance?

Now that viewers know the first season was actually spent in the Bad Place, it begs the question: What the forking shirt is the real Good Place like? This is, of course, assuming there even is a real Good Place. It's safe to assume that anything revealed by Michael in season one is now officially questionable at best, and unreliable at worst. There's plenty of ways the show could go with this, and it will be interesting to see what series creator Mike Schur and the writers come up with.

What about the soulmates?

The idea of spending eternity with someone is daunting enough, but the idea of spending eternity with the wrong someone is the stuff of nightmares, which is probably exactly what Michael had in mind when envisioning his Bad Place. What does the new reset mean for soulmate pairs Jianyu-Tahani and Eleanor-Chidi? In the final moments of season one, Eleanor is introduced to her new soulmate, a man named Chris. Do the main characters have "real" soulmates out there somewhere? Do soulmates exist in all of the various Good or Bad Places, or are they just the machination of one devious architect? Only time will tell.

Will there be more Michael?

In order to pull off the epic twist, Danson's character and backstory had to be somewhat elusive throughout the first season. Now that his real intentions have been made clear, will viewers get more insight into that deliciously evil smile and cackle seen in the season-one finale? At one point, Michael calls himself an eternal being. How exactly does that work, and how did he come to be an architect? What is his world like? Hopefully his character will be explored further this season. 

What, if any, big twists can be expected?

Bell also teased that season two will be "crazy" as well as "fun and just as explosive" as season one. It's difficult to imagine a twist as well-executed and shocking as the season-one cliff-hanger playing out in season two, but there are plenty of ways the show could go. Perhaps there is no real Good Place. Maybe no one is actually dead. Possibly the characters are in some sort of purgatory. If season one proved anything, it's to expect the unexpected.

The Good Place's 13-episode second season returns Sept. 20 on NBC with a special one-hour premiere. Season one is now streaming on Netflix.