'The Good Place's' Mike Schur on the Significance(?) of Numbers in the Show (Exclusive Audio)

Michael Schur - Getty - H 2017
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The Good Place is an Easter egg-heavy show, with pause-worthy background action, signage and other bits of information in nearly every episode.

It's also not above trolling viewers a little bit, as creator and showrunner Mike Schur explains in the latest episode of The Good Place Podcast. The full episode arrives early Friday, but you can listen to a couple of clips below.

Spoiler alert: The podcast assumes listeners have watched both seasons of The Good Place and freely discusses plot points. That's also the case with the first clip, in which Schur talks about the significance (or lack thereof) of some of the recurring numbers in The Good Place.

The neighborhood's designation in The Good Place,12358-W, contains the first five digits of the Fibonacci sequence, Schur tells host (and recurring Good Place actor) Marc Evan Jackson. Another frequently appearing number is 322, which is tied to the Skull and Bones secret society at Yale University. (The idea of the repeating digits onscreen is a nod to the numbers in Lost, Schur says.)

"We thought it would be fun that if every time a number popped up, it were a number that would set off an alarm bell in a person who reads a lot of Reddit threads," Schur says.

In the second clip, Schur discusses naming Ted Danson's character "Michael." It's not, as some have theorized, a self-referential name — Michael Schur created the world of The Good Place and Michael, the afterlife being, created the neighborhood where the characters reside. Instead, the name has biblical origins.

The Good Place begins its third season on Thursday, Sept. 27 on NBC; the podcast is available wherever you listen. Take a listen to the clips below.