See the Hilarious Point System That Gets You Into 'The Good Place'

Miss the funny slide from Ted Danson's orientation video in NBC's new comedy? THR has you covered.
Kristen Bell in 'The Good Place'

What does it take to get into "the Good Place" on NBC's new comedy The Good Place? Chances are you may have missed the amazingly funny slide in the pilot that explains the point system to get into the version of heaven presented on the latest series from Parks and Recreation creator Mike Schur.

The Good Place stars Kristen Bell as Eleanor Shellstrop, a terrible woman who is confused for someone with the same name and mistakenly sent to the "good place" after she dies. The Good Place is overseen by Ted Danson's Michael, who explains to all the new arrivals during a video orientation what it takes to get into paradise.

When everyone's time on earth ends, the folks in the Good Place calculate people's value and those with the highest scores — "the cream of the crop," as Michael calls it — gain entry.

Below is a screengrab of the crazy point system from the Good Place, where rooting for the New York Yankees will cost you nearly 100 points. Enjoy!