'Good Wife' Co-Creator Hints at Resolution to Season 2 Cliffhanger

"The first episode [of the third season] is the next day" after Will and Alicia's possible hookup, Robert King tells THR.
"The Good Wife"

Fresh off receiving nine Emmy nominations on Thursday, the gang over at The Good Wife has plenty to cheer about but a big question looms: What will happen with Will and Alicia?

“The show is always about what happens next,” co-creator Robert King shared with The Hollywood Reporter. “So the first episode [of the third season] is the next day. How do you deal with what happens in the second season finale?”

Here’s a refresher course: Old Georgetown pals and Lockhart/Gardner co-workers Will Gardner (Josh Charles) and Alicia Florrick (Julianna Margulies) — who have had horrible timing when it comes to their non-existent romance — introduced the possibility that they could embark on something more.

Q&A: 'The Good Wife' Creators Tease Next Three Episodes and Changes for Season 3

Charles, a first-time Emmy nominee, was less revealing about what’s to come in the premiere. “There are a lot of great turns in it and I think it starts setting up things nicely for the season,” Charles coyly told THR. He begins filming The Good Wife in New York City on Friday.

When asked whether Will and Alicia fans would be satisfied with the state of their relationship at the beginning of the new season, Charles simply teased: “I don’t know. You gotta just see all that.”

But Will and Alicia’s relationship won’t be the only thing that could be different on the acclaimed CBS drama.

“We’re trying to be more filmic this year,” King said of the upcoming season. “TV has always been a stage-bound medium, at least in dialogue. It’s a little more akin to radio, so we’re trying to get things to happen more visually than verbally, which is odd because we’re writers.”

When Sunday, Sept. 25 rolls around, expect less Aaron Sorkin-style dialogue and many more quieter moments. “We want the writing to be minimized so that the actors have more to play with,” King said.

In an interview with THR in early May, King revealed possible changes for the third season. “A lot of people responded to the Matt Czuchry and Archie Panjabi relationship. I think we would try to show more of that and try to create even more drama there,” King said. “We want to look at some subjects like nepotism and Alicia being a mentor to somebody else at the firm, so we’d probably look towards a character like that.”

THR reported in June that former House regular Lisa Edelstein would be joining the cast in a recurring capacity as someone who is believed to have history with Will and Emmy nominee Alan Cumming will be a series regular.