'The Good Wife' Creators on 'Thicky Trick,' Kalinda and Fewer Will/Alicia Showdowns

The Good Wife 100th Episode Episodic - H 2013
David Giesbrecht/CBS

The Good Wife 100th Episode Episodic - H 2013

The Good Wife creators Robert King and Michelle King were the hot commodities on Wednesday morning during CBS' drama showrunners session at the Television Critics Association press tour.

The other panelists, including Elementary's Rob Doherty, admitted during the discussion that their significant others are massive fans of the legal drama. And with the intense production schedule for producing a 22- or 24-episode season, many -- who admittedly are seasons behind -- often have to shield their ears not to get spoiled.

The Kings offered some season-five nuggets and discussed storylines of the past.

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1. Don't expect a Good Wife spinoff. The Kings said that there is a slim chance the show will expand its franchise. Instead, the focus of Lockhart/Gardner (now known as LG) will continue to remain on Will's fervent desire to expand the firm -- something cohort Diane is not attuned to. "That's going to hurt the firm going forward," Robert told reporters. "How much can he expand? Is that really good for the Diane/Will relationship?"

2. The "Thicky Trick" episode was supposed to be Diane vs. Alicia. But due to scheduling conflicts with Christine Baranski and Disney's Into the Woods, the writers were forced to rewrite the episode to feature Will going up against former mentee Alicia. As for the catchy track, Robert joked: "We apologize for that. We wanted something as good as what Jonathan Coulton does, but now it's a virus we have to get out of our heads."

3. Less Lockhart/Gardner vs. Florrick/Agos in the courtroom. Moving forward, the producers revealed that there will be less courtroom interaction between the two opposing firms in the second half of the season. Instead, they will have separate storylines and cases.

4. Kalinda's story is "crystallizing." Robert admitted that Kalinda "was a little adrift in the first half of the year" but promises that her story "starts crystallizing in the second half of the year." He elaborated further by saying that "the difficulty with Kalinda is that she can't live in the other stories" because she tends to ask for "an operatic" arc. "We've been aware of what the fans have said," Robert said.

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