'The Good Wife' Bosses, Cast Preview Alicia's Big Decision

Co-creators Robert and Michelle King, as well as series stars Julianna Margulies and Christine Baranski also preview Kurt's return.

The Good Wife is bringing back Diane (Christine Baranski)'s husband, Kurt McVeigh (Gary Cole), during Sunday's new episode, and his ballistics expertise will immediately be put to the test.

"We're fascinated with the idea of 3D technology and how it's being applied to firearms, and how it's changing the rules of ballistics, which is what Gary Cole's character's day job is about," The Good Wife co-creator Robert King recently told THR. "We're looking at how gun control—and freedom of the press and First Amendment rules—change when they're combined with the fact that you can email the specs of a gun to somebody, and with a 3D printer, they can print a gun."

Steven Pasquale) character, who is one of these Democratic handlers [who feels] you do whatever you have to do to win, then you be a good person," Robert King added. "I think he's have an influence on her: The ends justify the means up the point you're elected. And then you can start doing good things. But is that even true? Are you tainting yourself as you go?"

There's also the issue of how Alicia and Peter's children would feel if Alicia opts to go after her ex while making her run for State's Attorney. "We're playing with that," Michelle King teased. "It's delicious."

"And Grace (Makenzie Vega)'s story, too. She's someone who has this religious component," Robert King added. "The bottom line is, what we love is when you make this decision for a character and it impacts everyone, not just one part [of the story]."

The Good Wife airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on CBS.

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