'The Good Wife' Finale: The Future Remains Up in the Air

 The third season closer is best summed up by a line said by Will: "It feels like things are falling apart."
Justin Stephens/CBS
"The Good Wife"

With another season in the books, The Good Wife left many doors wide open.

The season three finale, featuring return appearances by Michael J. Fox, Tim Guinee and Martha Plimpton, was best summed up by Lockhart Gardner's suspended lawyer Will (Josh Charles) when he and Kalinda (Archie Panjabi) had what was supposed to be a goodbye.

"It feels like things are falling apart," a dejected Will says. "You build them up again, that's what you do," Kalinda retorts.

Later, while Alicia (Julianna Margulies) is back in her old house (that Peter says he'll live in "temporarily"), she observes that everything "is in flux." That's pretty much where The Good Wife ends as the long wait for season four begins.

With Lockhart/Gardner at the brink of losing it all -- thanks in part to the creative thinking of opposing attorneys Louis Canning (Fox) and Patti Nyholm (Plimpton) in poaching the firm's top client -- and Kalinda's "dangerous" husband back in the fray, how things end up remains to be seen.

And while last season's finale ended with an Alicia-Will romp, such wasn't the case here with Will asking Alicia in the elevator if she regretted their brief affair. At least she said "no."

Who was the person knocking at Kalinda's door: her husband or someone else? Will Lockhart Gardner gain back their top client? Did Alicia go back inside her old house to enjoy pizza night? How do you see season four unfolding?