'The Good Wife' Preview: 5 Things to Look for in the Aftermath

How will Alicia react? Following last week's monumental loss, THR offers a few hints for what's next, ahead of Sunday's episode, "The Last Call."
"The Good Wife"

[Warning: Minor spoilers ahead from Sunday's episode.]

Where does The Good Wife go from here?

Viewers were left shell-shocked after Sunday's game-changing episode that saw the death of a major character. In the the next installment, the CBS drama fills in some major blanks about the events leading up to, during and after the Cook County courtroom shooting that took Will Gardner's life.

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The Hollywood Reporter previewed the episode and compiles the biggest things to look for in the aftermath, also Josh Charles' final episode.

1. The Good Wife characters' grief mirrors that of the fans

The last thing viewers saw was Alicia receiving a phone call from Kalinda. This Sunday's hour, as the promos have already hinted, follows Alicia and Co.'s grieving processes -- and they take the news of Will's death in their own ways. Following Will's death, viewers reacted with a mixture of emotions: shock, anger, sadness, and confusion among them. Expect characters to verbalize some of those reactions almost verbatim. ("I don't know what to do," a character says at one point.)

2. Why did Will leave that message on Alicia's phone?

Will left a voicemail on Alicia's cell prior to getting shot, that much is clear. The mystery behind the contents of the message is played out during the episode, helping establish the timeline of events that day, and Alicia seeks out every piece of detail possible from every source imaginable (including Finn Polmar). How Alicia interprets the message and, most importantly, why Will left it in the first place may have the biggest impact on her life moving forward.

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3. Will Governor Florrick's case get tossed out?

With Will's death, whether Governor Florrick's voter fraud case will end up getting thrown out is up in the air. The future of that particular investigation, headed up by Agent Dubeck, is addressed.

4. What is the first big decision for Lockhart Gardner?

Diane makes a big move regarding the future of Lockhart Gardner following the death of her friend/colleague. Is this indicative of a more ruthless Diane? Seems so. (She's not the only one becoming more lethal. See trailer below.)

5. Will Jeffrey Grant get retribution?

"There are a couple of moments where they say, 'What the heck, kid? What did you do, and why? We were about to prove your innocence. What were you thinking?' It's pretty tragic," Hunter Parrish, who plays Jeffrey, told THR earlier this week. It's also uncovered that Will may not have been the only person to lose his life.

The Good Wife airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on CBS.

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