'The Good Wife': Matthew Perry Returns, Wreaks Havoc for Alicia (Exclusive Video)

Mike Kresteva is back!

Friends alum and Go On star Matthew Perry makes his return to CBS' The Good Wife  on Sunday as the Republican rival to Democratic gubernatorial candidate -- and Alicia's (Julianna Margulies) husband -- Peter Florrick (Chris Noth).

The Hollywood Reporter debuts an exclusive scene from "Death of a Client," also starring Fringe favorite John Noble, wherein Kresteva and Alicia bump into each other at a fancy Chicago gala. To say their encounter by the bar -- where else? -- is forced and full of tension is an understatement.

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After some required niceties, if you can even call them that, Kresteva gets right to it: "What's your husband's strategy to beating me?" No filter, eh? Alicia does one better, after declaring that life is frankly too short not to speak the truth: "Using me."

But why not dig a little deeper? When Kresteva asks for her take on who he is, well, she doesn't hold anything back -- and says it all with a big smile: "Your psychopathic ability to lie and pretend, it's the truth?" The exchange doesn't end there: There are references to Hitler, "good people" and "choking on your own blood." Seriously.

It's been a waiting game for Good Wife fans. CBS announced Perry's return to the one-hour drama back in early November, but the actor filmed his spot in early February during a hiatus for NBC comedy Go On.

If the preview released following last Sunday's episode is any indication, the coming hour will feature fisticuffs (Kresteva vs. Florrick, who wins?), verbal snark and untimely jabs. Will you be tuning in? Sure seems like a doozy.

The Good Wife airs at 9 p.m. Sundays on CBS.

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