'Good Wife' Shocker: Delia Ephron Thinks It's 'Extremely Selfish'

Nora Ephron's writer sister was devastated by Sunday night's shocking incident and doesn't understand why the actor who left the show doesn't care about her and the series' other viewers.
Josh Charles on "The Good Wife"

[Warning: This post contains spoilers about the Sunday, March 23, episode of The Good Wife.]

Good Wife viewers are still getting over the shocking incident that occurred Sunday night and even Hollywood screenwriters are struggling to deal with what happened.

Delia Ephron, Nora Ephron's sister and the writer of such movies as You've Got Mail, was so affected by Will Gardner getting gunned down on Sunday's episode that she couldn't sleep, took half a Valium, overslept and then took the wrong subway the next morning, she writes in Wednesday's New York Times.

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As a viewer who was rooting for Gardner and Julianna Margulies' Alicia Florrick to get back together, or just have sex one more time, Ephron is devastated, saying killing Will "only dashed my dreams and broke my heart."

Furthermore, she doesn't understand why the actor who played Gardner, Josh Charles, who wanted to leave the show, doesn't seem to care about the series' viewers.

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"I think it is extremely selfish of Josh Charles to move on," Ephron writes. "I don't understand why he doesn't care about me. About my lying propped up in bed every Sunday evening wanting to spend time with him, wishing that one day he and Alicia would get it on one more time. That she will finally get rid of her husband. That, as imperfect as they are, she and Will finally realize they belong together. Doesn't he know that a great show isn't just something you watch? There is ritual, expectations built up over years. Love."

Ephron isn't the only star who was rocked by Sunday's events. Parks and Recreation's Retta, Girls showrunner Jenni Konner and Kevin Williamson have also said they were gutted by Will's death.