Gordon Ramsay and James Corden Try to Outrun Each Other in Treadmill Trivia Quiz

The chef and the late-night host had to correctly answer questions about cooking and boy bands in the segment on Tuesday's episode of CBS' 'The Late Late Show.'
Terence Patrick/CBS
From left: James Corden, Gordon Ramsay and Piper Perabo on 'The Late Late Show With James Corden'

Gordon Ramsay went head-to-head with James Corden in a trivia game on Tuesday's episode of CBS' The Late Late Show.

The segment opened with the two competitors standing on treadmills. After Corden said that the game was inspired by Ramsay's previous request that they run the Los Angeles Marathon together, the host explained that guest Piper Perabo would ask them questions about a subject that the other competitor is an expert at. While Corden would answer questions about cooking, Ramsay was told he would have to answer trivia questions about boy bands.

Corden also explained that the controls on the treadmills had been swapped, so each could control the incline and speed of the other player's treadmill based on whether they answered the questions correctly or not.

The game began when Perabo asked Ramsay to name three Backstreet Boys members. The chef was unable to name a member of the band, so Corden increased Ramsay's speed.

The host was then asked to name the main ingredient in an omelet, which he correctly said was eggs.

Ramsay was next asked to list the Jonas Brothers from youngest to oldest. While he correctly guessed that Nick was the youngest member, he said "O.J." was the middle brother. Corden then raised Ramsay's speed so that he was lightly jogging.

The host was later asked how many teaspoons are in a tablespoon. While he tried to calculate the answer, Ramsay grew impatient and increased Corden's speed.

Perabo asked Ramsay how many members are in the band BTS and he responded, "Who the f--- are BTS?" The chef guessed that there were seven members in the band. To celebrate his correct answer, Ramsay increased Corden's treadmill speed.

For Corden's next question, he was asked which grain farina is part of. "Who knows that?" he yelled as he continued to run. The timer ran out and the host's speed was increased again.

Ramsay was then asked which One Direction member left the band in 2015. Corden shouted that the question "was too easy," though Ramsay was still unable to guess the correct response and joked that "Simon Cowell" was the answer.

The two competitors struggled to answer the questions as the speed of their treadmills continued to increase. "I can't hear a word you're saying," Corden said after Perabo asked him a question. Meanwhile, Ramsay announced that he ripped his pants.

Corden eventually concluded the game when he correctly answered that Ramsay's signature Beef Wellington recipe required one bottle of red wine.

Watch the full game below.