'Gossip Girl' 100th Episode: What the Viewers are Saying

Gossip Girl G.G. Leighton Meester - H 2012
The CW

Gossip Girl G.G. Leighton Meester - H 2012

Fans of the Gossip Girl got more than they bargained for with Monday night's 100th episode, which featured more than its fair share of shocking revelations.

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Among them: Georgina Sparks is revealed as the "new" Gossip Girl, Blair and Louis get hitched -- only to have the Prince's motives revealed to be no more than a business deal, and Blair and Not-So-Lonely Boy, Dan Humphrey, run off together following the reception.

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Once viewers' heads stopped spinning, they took to the net to share their biggest "OMG" moments from the broadcast. Below, find a sampling of Twitter chatter and reader comments from The Hollywood Reporter's revealing look inside the minds of showrunners Josh Safran and Stephanie Savage. Overall, fans seem pleased with the show's new direction, though their patience is growing thin with each obstacle placed in the path of Chuck and Blair's fairytale.

Chloe Dawn @TheChloeDawn  
I never thought we'd find out who Gossip Girl is...whoa. #GossipGirl

* Jessicaaa ? @BiebersOnlyGirl
OMFG gossip girl was so good ! Ugh can chuck bass and Blair just be together already ? 🙁

Natasha ? @NatashaDaibes  
Gossip Girl just have me a heart attack and had me in tears. Chuck and Blair need to be together.

NARSissist @NARSissist  
Missing Gossip Girl tonight. Judging by the tweet-by-tweet playback it's a crazy one. :/

Evan De Souza @evandesouza
Omgg I'm already loving this ep of gossip girl. It pays homage to the pilot. So adorbs

Jenny Terry @JennyT91  
So wait, Georgina is Gossip Girl?!?!?! I'm pissedddddd

Maggie @frecklemaggie  
I'm really not sure how I felt about the new gossip girl...cautiously optimistic? #daretodair

mariaaa @littlemaweaaa  
that episode of gossip girl struck me. My heart can't find peace. Oh lord, I must watch it again. Theres so many things going on. Ugh

??? @alwaysennoir
ending of gossip girl's 100th episode was too confusing .. if only the whole episode could have been all about chucck

Floydie @ericfloyd  
Wow, the last 5 minutes of the latest Gossip Girl is a shocker! Finally! #GG100

Samantha Perelman
Might have been the best Gossip Girl episode of all time

Not exactly satisfied. It was an alright episode with some reveals and I loved all the Chuck and Blair and knowing that their love is never over. Ed and Leighton are flawless and by far the best actors on the show! But its getting exhausting with the reasoning of keeping them apart. I just want them together and them having time together and kicking ass together.

I did like DS in the episode, that was cute, and I liked Nate. I LOVED Eleanor and Margaret was amazing. I loved her scenes with Chuck. So good. And Georgina is always entertaining.

I do NOT believe for a second that Georgina is a gossip girl, but she is always entertaining. I bet Serena is the Gossip Girl, that will make her character interesting to her current blend-ness.  Also, the writers are really dragging Blair and Chuck storyline. Everyone wants them to be together because they are perfect couple. It will not give you a better rating to drag the storyline, but it will create more frustrations from your viewers. Blair and Dan do not good together! Lastly, am I the only one who thinks Prince Louie and that pastor guy need to take more acting lessons?

The episode was fine until Blair got married and I was left wondering why the people around her still let her make any life-changing decisions instead of getting her some help. There were a few highlights of course; Chuck and Blair were amazing (despite Blair's craziness), Eleanor was awesome and so was Georgina. I'm just sick and tired of all the obstacles they keep throwing at Chuck and Blair just for the sake of drama. I love angst but in small doses. Seeing Chuck heartbroken every single episode is exhausting and I really need Chuck and Blair to be happy already!
Other than that, Jack Bass can't come soon enough.