'Gossip Girl' Bosses Explain Shocking Georgina Reveal, Blair's Wedding Snafu and Louis' Ultimatum

Gossip Girl 100 Leighton Meester At Alter - H 2012
Giovanni Rufino/The CW

Gossip Girl 100 Leighton Meester At Alter - H 2012

In classic Gossip Girl fashion, the 100th episode was full of witty one-liners, many of them from the mouth of Georgina Sparks and one in honor of The Princess Bride; paid homage to the pilot; and featured several head-turning moments. But the CW drama saved the biggest shocker for last, when the identity of (new? old?) Gossip Girl was revealed.

Executive producer Josh Safran didn't shy away from the big question: Will viewers be satisfied with the Gossip Girl shocker? "You're nervous but we still feel confident about that, where the story's going," he said. "The curtain has been lifted, so now you're going to see more and I think once you see more the picture will become clearer."

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Let's take a gander at some of the episode's key revelations, including (some) answers from Safran and fellow executive producer Stephanie Savage.

[Warning: If you did not watch Monday's episode, please do not go further. Major spoilers ahead.]

Right Where the 100th Left Off: "The next episode is a direct pickup of [the 100th episode] and is the same night [as Blair's wedding]. The reactions are very much immediate," revealed Safran to reporters at a screening last week of Monday's episode. "You're going to follow with them as they learn .. You're going to see what they do about it, how it impacts them. But it's definitely the story of the next episode: Chuck and Serena together dealing with Dan and Blair together."

Georgina Takes the Reins as Gossip Girl: The episode-ending reveal could have thrown viewers for a loop (or not), but when asked whether the pot-stirrer was the "new" Gossip Girl, Safran was quick to dismiss. "Is it a new Gossip Girl site?," he asked. (Depending on what he said, it could have knocked out a potential possibility as to the "original" culprit.) Safran reassured that Georgina has the role of Gossip Girl, which opens up more storylines. To see the process of "what she does do to get her tips is fun and a new thing," Safran said. Kristen Bell's voice will still be heard, the producers confirmed.

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Who Uploaded Blair's Confession?: Safran and Savage wouldn't reveal whether Georgina, or anyone else who had access to the video, was guilty but did say that "it is a major plot point that runs for a couple [episodes]." When asked whether it was Georgina who was texting Nate throughout, Safran remained mum.

Repercussions for Blair and Dan's Getaway: Safran revealed that the location of where Blair and Dan drive off to post-wedding reception will be answered "at the top of the next episode." Here's a nugget: It's "somewhere where we've never shot before that we've always wanted to shoot" and is a "big, great set piece" that features "some of the best comedy." Safran teased that the Blair-Dan storyline revisit is going "in an interesting direction," later adding that there will be "all sorts of consequences" for Blair. "This is not taken lightly what she does at the end of the episode."

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Blair + Chuck = Over for Real This Time?: "Chuck and Blair are never over," Safran said. "There's always been a thorn in the side of Chuck somewhere. Maybe it'll be Dan, maybe it'll be someone else." But at what point does Chuck, who finds out about Blair's pact with God that resurrected him from near death, walk away? "Sometimes people love that torture and sometimes poeple can't stand that torture. That's going to be the balance that happens with them," Safran said.

Can Blair Get Out of Louis' Business Transaction?: "That will be answered in the next episode," Safran said, before admitting that it wasn't apparent early on that Prince Louis would take a darker turn. "[Louis and Blair] ultimately were able to pull back and reconnect with each other and yet this was the final straw. ... For [Blair] to, in his mind, go to this place on their wedding day was too much."

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Serena's World Falls Apart: When Serena "discovers what's happening between Blair and Dan," it will "wrankle" her, Safran said, but noted that the Upper East Siders are in the process of "growing up." With that, "you don't necessarily go to Def Con 4 when you find these things out." He teased that perhaps Serena will be dealing with the newfound situation in a more "rational," "direct" and "honest" manner, "but that doesn't mean that you still can't go to Def Con 4."

Blair's Parents Become Involved: "They are very much involved in her story from this point forward and like I said, the next episode is a direct pickup so they're also dealing with what has happened and in future episodes as well, Blair seeks out the counsel of her parents," Safran said.

Ivy (aka Fake Charlie Rhodes) Whereabouts?: Safran said after pondering the question: "There is an answer in that."

Romance on the Horizon for Nate: His issues at home may be a blessing in disguise. "Nate has had so many problems with his family that when he meets somebody else who is dealing with similar things, he's at a position where he can use what he's learned in his life to help somebody else instead of being shit on," Safran said.

Elizabeth Hurley's Return: Hurley's Diana returns in the "last third of the season" in a "very delicious fashion," Safran teased. When she returns, the Chuck storyline and the Nate storyline "will converge," adding that Jack Bass "also returns in service of that same story."

Are you satisfied by the Georgina reveal? Do you believe there may be more than one Gossip Girl at play right now? Will Blair's marriage to Louis go down in flames? What say you?

Gossip Girl airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on the CW.