'Gossip Girl' Boss Teases 'Dair's' Bedroom Troubles and Blair's Romantic Future

"There definitely is going to be a decision that is going to be made," executive producer Josh Safran tells THR of the Blair-Chuck-Dan triangle.
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Gossip Girl returns in just a few days and the conflict that surfaces is Dan and Blair's inability to, er, consummate their new relationship.

As showrunner Josh Safran is well aware, any romantic move or shift on the CW drama -- currently in its fifth season -- becomes a hot topic among loyal viewers online. Twitter hashtags, such as #Dair (Dan and Blair) and #Chair (Chuck and Blair), have become unofficial measures of where people stand in Blair's romance department. At the moment, Chuck and Blair are on the outs and Dan is exploring a romance with the Upper East Sider.

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When asked about how he and the writers are navigating the treacherous waters with the Blair-Chuck-Dan triangle, Safran was honest about the challenges.

"That's obviously always difficult, I don't think you can always please everybody. I think that's a good thing because that means people are invested and we appreciate how invested everyone is," Safran told The Hollywood Reporter. "There definitely is going to be a decision that is going to be made. I only hope that it will satisfy as many people as it can."

Safran added, "[The Dan and Blair] story was started last season and is continuing and it's going to definitely reach its apex."

So much so that Dan and Blair's difficulties in the bedroom are front and center in next week's return episode, "Con-Heir." But is it a reflection of the pair's relationship?

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"For us, it's more the fact that Dan has loved Blair for a long time and when you have those expectations for a very long time, they can cause problems because so much is riding on it," Safran said. "For Blair, dating Dan Humphrey is not years in the making as it might be for Dan for her. There's all those expectations of like, 'Am I going here and what does this mean? We've been friends for so long, can we really transition?' It's both fun and reflective."

Watch a promo for the next episode:

For a longer Q&A with Safran, check back on Monday. Gossip Girl returns April 2 at 8 p.m. on the CW.