'Gossip Girl' Season 6 Promo Reveals Serena's Double Life, a Raunchy Chuck and Blair (Video)

Gossip Girl Trailer Screen Grab - H 2012

Gossip Girl Trailer Screen Grab - H 2012

A longer trailer for Gossip Girl's final season has made its way to the web, revealing much more than the previous promo.

While the first footage teased a wedding of some sort, possibly between Serena (the newly married Blake Lively) and new love interest Steven Spence (Barry Watson), this minute-long teaser puts everything into better context -- and reveals Serena's double life.

In the new trailer, Serena's Upper East Side buddies are shocked when they learn that Serena hasn't exactly been truthful to Steven. Why the red flag? Because he calls her Sabrina.

That's not the only thing going on with the young New Yorkers. With Chuck (Ed Westwick) and Blair (Leighton Meester) seemingly ready to take the next step (for real, this time), seeing the embattled lovers in a bedroom romp should satisfy "Chair" fans waiting for any semblance of a happy ending. Blair breathlessly exclaims: "Do. This. Again."

Plus, expect a lot of slapping.

Watch the new trailer for season six:

Gossip Girl returns Oct. 8 on the CW.

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